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    Rent park in Kazan


    At the organization of advertising campaign, the presentation many customers buy the equipment for the limited period, for example, for a few weeks or even days. Purchase of the expensive advertising equipment is in this case is inexpedient. It is more optimum to lease it. Experts of the showroom will pick up the equipment, suitable for a concrete action, which is completely corresponding to requirements and the financial budget of an action.

    The personnel of the showroom is professional and competent, managers will show all technical capabilities of the equipment, will pick up the most favorable variant to the customer.

    Among advantages of the rent park in Moscow should be noted:

    1. It is possible to get acquainted with the big range of the advertising and media equipment in comfortable conditions, there is no need to go far and to wait long until the system is delivered. In the showroom there is an opportunity to test the chosen device, to get acquainted with all its opportunities and additional functionality.
    2. Lease cost is democratic and available. It is due to the fact that all technical devices are in the place already, there is no need to perform their delivery from the other cities, to spend on it time and means. The equipment is delivered into place in already working condition, and this is additional economy.
    3. Specialists of the company will instruct how correctly to manage the equipment, to carry out settings. Our state will include experienced programmers, they will help to write down special content for management of the system. Content will correspond to all wishes of the customer.

    The model range of lease park

    Today the fantasy and reality closely intertwined among themselves. Many innovations, which have success in the market, could be seen only in movies still yesterday. In a greater degree it belongs to interactive technology, which at the moment is one of the most effective and rational for advertising.

    It is possible to order the following technical novelties from us:

    1. The virtual promoter is the unique patented system, which allows to make any exhibition or presentation campaign bright and profitable. What is the virtual promoter? It is compact system from the transparent panel, a projector and the managing block, in case of turning on the panel  creates volume, incredibly realistic imitation of this person, who tells about a product or service. Such stand is established quickly and simply, there is a possibility of interactive interaction with the user. The scope is: exhibitions, presentations, seminars, conferences, museums, educational institutions.
    2. Projective stands, on which any necessary information is demonstrated, are actively used during the presentations and exhibitions. The image on their surface is bright, attractive, in addition can be used the Interactive system.
    3. Fog screens, or the polivizors allowing to project the image literally in the air. Such installation has no physical display, the operating block generates a dense stream from microdrops which aren't visible to the visitor. Often such systems are called pseudo-holograms, as the result is similar to the hologram.
    4. Interactive tables of different format and size. In this case, the table-top acts as a working surface. It is enough to touch it and on a surface will be a water smooth surface, flowers or something else. The field of use – the presentations, an exhibitions, reception and negotiation rooms in the big companies, car showrooms, design studios, photographic studios.
    5. Interactive kiosks, interactive floor, walls perfectly proved itself in the trade and exhibition centers, entertaining institutions. Work with devices is simple and easy, the equipment quickly collects around itself audience. Touch booths are applied to money transfer, payment of various services, purchase of goods.
    6. Promo-robots is one of the last developments, which allows not only to inform visitors on service or a product, but also to collect analytical information about conducted work.
    7. The holographic ready installations differ in unique properties and opportunities. Holographic refrigerators, holocubes and pyramids belong to their number.

    The assortment and model range of the offered equipment is wide. Specialists of the rent park quickly and in a comfortable atmosphere will show all opportunities of systems, will tell what equipment is better to use to future advertising campaign or the presentation. With us is convenient and profitable!