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    Видеостены в Москве

    Video walls are modular constructions, which easily and quickly gathers on the place. Not so long ago receipt of the single and accurate image on the big square seemed unreal. But today, with active development of technology even very big screens – not an innovation, all of them are more actively applied in various spheres of life. Video walls differ in many benefits, it is easy to transport and establish them. If necessary, the image can be not only complete, but also compound, i.e. in different parts of the screen various data will be shown. These are not all pluses of technology. It is possible to carry to advantages an optimal price and simplicity of operation. Where such innovations are demanded? Today such screens are implemented in the sphere of educattion, medicine more and more actively. It is possible to meet similar systems in big dispatching offices.

    Аренда видеостен в Москве

    Split screen elements

    Also video walls are called split screens as they are formed from separate modules of different type. Elements are interlocking among themselves; the special software allows controlling submission of a signal. It is possible to use also plasma monitors, but their cost is next-higher order. So the video cube is one of the most favorable options in case of compilation of system today.

    Video cubes are a system from the intensifying screen, special mirror system and a multimedia projector with high quality of resolution. It is possible to call such cubes screens of the return projection as they work by this principle. Diagonal of cubes makes 40-100 inches though usually used screens with sizes of 50-67 inches . They are more convenient for viewing, installation of system. Such elements can be applied to the organization of the colourful and effective exhibition stand.

    Цена видеостен в Москве

    Video cubes can be:

    1. With frontal or rear access. It means that for adjustment and connection access can be only on a forward part of a cube or on the back. In first case use is simpler and second option is much cheaper. What to choose – decide to you.
    2. One - two-lamp screens are often used too. There is no special difference between them, but at the second model it is easier to change lamps.
    3. Video cubes can work together or individually. The split screen is usually applied to create the accurate and colourful image on the big plane, but why then the cubes working individually? Imagine a situation when the screen is required to expand or reduce, make active its certain sites. Then the idea of screens which can work separately doesn't seem superfluous any more.

    Стоимость видеостен в Москве

    The advantages of the video walls

    Split screens are applied increasingly today, they are required not only for the big presentations and exhibitions, but also in other spheres. They are appropriate in control offices, during designing of construction objects, ineducation. And if to consider extremely simple use and reasonable price, then it is possible to understand why such screens gradually force out the traditional one.

    The video wall is the equipment which is in demand not the first year. It is applied in many industries, including in entertaining institutions. Among advantages of the technology should be noted:

    What is the difference between the split screens and analogs?

    It is all about a modularity, if necessary, it is possible to change the sizes and the form of construction, saving excellent quality at the same time. Not each screen is capable of it today unless LED, but the principles of their operation are different and appearance differs too. The split screen is formed from separate screens, it can be video cubes, plasma and LCD panels. Anyway the result turns out impressive. During compilation of the screen the sizes of seams are minimum, they are equal to only 1-2 mm. To the user from the sidelines it isn't noticeable at all, it is important for formation of desirable impression.

    Homogeneity of the image is surely checked by experts during mounting. It more depends on correctly connection and installation of the controlling equipment. As a source of the image it is possible to use various information media. Computers are most often used, but it is possible to connect camcorders, players, notebooks and many other things. It expands possibilities of use, makes video walls more convenient.

    It is possible to get acquainted with all features of a video wall in the showroom of the "Gefest’s" Moscow branch. Specialists will show all opportunities of the screen, its additional functions. Except sale we offer lease of the equipment on the most advantageous conditions. It is possible to borrow for rent the split screens for holding an exhibition, the presentation of the new project or a product. The cost is calculated in an individual order, it depends on conditions of use, record of content, the screen sizes.

    ORION 42 video walls" (the prices in rubles a day, incl. the VAT)
    Name 1 day
    2 days 3 days
    4-5 days
    video wall from 4 ORION 42 LCD displays" 23 520 37 920 42 480 48 000
    video wall from 9 ORION 42 LCD displays" 52 920 85 320 95 580 108 000
    video wall from 12 ORION 42 LCD displays" 70 560 113 760 127 440 144 000
    video wall from 16 ORION 42 LCD displays" 94 080 151 680 169 920 192 000
    video wall from 20 ORION 42 LCD displays" 117 600 189 600 212 400 240 000