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    Смарт-стекло в Москве

    In the advertising industry the most popular are transparent screens and show-windows, for example, smart glass. What represents this unusual equipment? Smart glasses are special films, which are applied on the surface of glass or acryle. As a result the modern screen of the back projection turns out, on its surface it is possible to show any information.

    The image turns out bright and accurate, it is well visible in case of any lighting. The greatest effect is reached in case of well posed lighting. When the screen is in an inactive condition, it reminds a partition. It can be absolutely transparent or mat, everything depends on what type of film is applied on a surface. It is possible to project on a surface any image – a logo of the company, name, image of goods.

    Аренда смарт-стекла в Москве

    Sphere of use of smart glass

    Where it is possible to apply such unusual development? Today the projective technology gets into our life even more often, sometimes we don't even notice how this or that system becomes just irreplaceable. In full it belongs also to smart glass. Multipurpose and convenient partitions allow to obtain required information, in shops they are used as show-windows, information convenient stands. The field of use of smart glass is wide:

    Цена смарт-стекла в Москве

    If smart glass is inactively, it is similar to a usual partition or a show-window, keeps in secret its opportunities. Today not only transparent films of the return projection are offered, but also colored, there is a wide choice of pleasant shades - it is dairy, green, blue, there are versions with graceful patterns on a surface.

    Films can be applied in case of quite extensive temperature range. The lowest temperature is -20C and the highest - +60o C. Operating voltage of system is 110V. In case of outside application it is recommended to use special protective films. The projector is set from the different sides from glass screen. It can be mounted in front or behind glass monitor, the reverse projection is better in this case. The image on the screen can be seen in great details.

    Стоимость смарт-стекла в Москве

    Modern smart film is applied on a basis from glass or acryle. Previously the basis is cleared, after that is slightly moistened, the film is carefully pasted on a surface. It makes so that there is no air or water layer left between layers. After application, the screen is given the needed form if it necessary, but usually the film is used for already ready partition or a show-window. The “Gefest” company proposes various solutions, smart glass can be put in any rooms or on the street. The high-quality image with an excellent color rendition turns out.

    Advantages of smart glass

    The system differs from similar, it is convenient, allows to receive tremendous quality. Initial costs rather small, servicing doesn't require special experience or knowledge. The “Gefest”company offers record of the modern content including not only the image, but also visual effects. There is a possibility of installation of the Interactive system, which allows the visitor to interact with the screen. It is enough to touch its surface to obtain necessary information. Smart glass attracts to itself views, any shop after the beginning of use will feel already in a couple of hours all its benefits. It is installed quickly, content can be changed in real time mode.

    Today it is possible to order smart glasses of any type and quality, in addition installation of interactive system is carried out. Smart films are applied under various conditions, they differ in high quality, resistance to temperature differences, humidity. Color of a film also can be chosen.

    Smart PDLC film (Switches between mat and transparent state)

    Cost of smart film

    Smart pressure-sensitive film Magic Film SF of white mat color*



    Smart pressure-sensitive film Magic Film SF of blue and gray mat color*



    Contact block production  on a smart to SF film **

    for one product

    1 400 rub

    Mounting and connection

    Pasting glass with a smart a film ***


    2 660 rub

    Connection to a control system for one product ****


    1 680 rub

    Main controller

    The standard main controller of management to 15 m?


    4 200 rub

    The main controller with the DU panel to 10 m?


    9 240 rub

    The main controller with the DU panel to 25 m?


    10 640 rub

    The main controller with the DU panel to 40 m?


    11 620 rub

    * on sale sheets 1000 mm or 1200 mm wide, lenghth of sheets is 2000 mm, 2200 mm, 2400 mm, 2600 mm, 2800 mm, 3000 mm.
    ** On each finished product one contact block is necessary
    *** Minimum price of pasting is specified. Under the complicated pasting conditions the price can be increased.
    **** The minimal cost of connection is 21000 rub.

    Smart PDLC film (Switches between mat and transparent state), USD

    Simple 4+4mm

    4+4 strained glass

    5+5 mm

    5+5 strained glass

    Double-glazed with PDLC glass

    Triple-pane with PDLC glass

    up to 12м2

    1 260

    1 386

    1 274

    1 400

    1 456

    1 475

    from 12 to 25м2

    1 197

    1 317

    1 212

    1 332

    1 384

    1 400

    from 25 to 45 м2

    1 134

    1 248

    1 148

    1 263

    1 311

    1 327

    over 45м2







    Main controller of the glass

    8400 rubles with the remote control unit and 4200 rubles without a possibility of distant control. One controller optimized for 20 square meters of glass.

    ATTENTION!!! The maximum size of glass is 1500х3000 mm. The price of glass from 1201 mm to 1500 mm wide above stated in the table for 10%

    Smart Cromalite (SPD) glass (Adjustable toning), USD for sq.m

    4+4mm arch.

    4+4 strained arch.

    5+5 mm arch.

    5+5 strained arch.

    Double-glazed with SPD glass for m2

    Triple-pane with SPD glass for m2

    up to 10м2

    3 920

    4 060

    3 948

    4 088

    4 251

    4 298

    from 10 to 50м2

    3 724

    3 864

    3 738

    3 878

    4 041

    4 088

    over 50м2

    3 528

    3 668

    3 535

    3 675

    3 838

    3 885

    ATTENTION!!! The maximum size of glass is 1000х3000 mm.

    Simple 4+4mm