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    Transparent monitors

    Прозрачные мониторы в Москве

    Transparent monitors represent a product of long-term developments of the best specialists of the world. This innovative technology won directly the market. By means of the modern transparent monitor even the most boring show-window can be turned into the bright interactive screen. The show-window remains absolutely transparent, it seems to the visitor that the image appears literally in the air, nothing supports it. Such unusual technology fixes to itself a set of eyes, already in a couple of hours it is possible to observe increase in sales level, in case of initially not too big costs.

    The transparent modern screen represents the panel manufactured on AMOLED technology i.e. with use of organic light-emitting diodes. It makes system of high-quality, durable, it can work uninterruptedly during day and night, at the same time the level of energy consumption will be low. Developments of the last years made possible production of such displays with sizes of 117 cm on diagonal. At the same time brightness and quality remains at the highest level, not so long ago similar ideas seemed impracticable. Screens are issued of two types, they can be simple monochrome or full-color. On the panel it is possible to broadcast any image, to demonstrate graphical or text information.

    Аренда прозрачных мониторов в Москве

    Sphere of use of transparent screens

    Potential at these developments is huge, this technology with success can be used in such spheres:

    Цена прозрачных мониторов в Москве

    The “Gefest” company offers various versions of transparent screens, they can be applied in any areas. The sizes and forms of displays can differ from each other, as well as functionality. For example, the simplest option is a monochrome panel, more difficult – is full-color screen with the Interactive system.

    Principle of operation

    The information AMOLED panels are a unique development which changed idea of what the screen shall be. The image on the surface of the transparent panel is demonstrated of the excellent quality, it is bright, accurate, without a hitches. Additional illumination isn't used, panels won't lose the qualitie in case of bright solar or artificial light. Level of consumption of electricity system is about 90% lower, than at the regular equipment. It allows to lower costs significantly.

    Today the transparent monitors are used mainly in the advertising and media sphere. Their surface is covered with an antiglare layer, it seems to the user that information and the image are output literally in the air. Such effect is unusual and attractive, especially if to consider ,that on the display is possible to demonstrate also unusual three-dimensional objects.

    For convenience are provided different options of inputs - it is USB or HDMI. Thanks to it ,it is possible to load information easily and very quickly, to change it in real time mode. The transparent matrix provides quality unprecedented earlier. Feature of construction is that a panel thin and absolutely transparent. There are no lamps of illumination and projectors inside, all this reduces weight, allows to use screens to different locations.

    How it works? The visitor comes to the refrigerator for the choice of drink. At this time on absolutely transparent door appears bright, dynamically replacing image of the advertised drink. What choice will be made by the buyer? In 90% of cases, according to the conducted researches, it will purchase that drink, which was shown on the screen. As a result, the profit begins to increase considerably.

    Advantages of transparent monitors

    Do you want to surprise the buyers and to increase sales in case of rather low costs? Then transparent screens – what is necessary. Among benefits it should be noted:

    The “Gefest” company offers the modern advertising equipment, which differs in unique properties and high quality level. It is possible to use transparent screens in many areas, they differ in low energy consumption, simple management and servicing.

    Transparent monitors
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