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    Video wall rent

    Visual effects have the greatest influence on a human brain. For this reason the majority of perfomances of actors accompanies with light or laser shows. High-quality visualization accompanied with music is a powerful argument for a mood rising. In general the combination of music and light strongly influence on mood. Not without reason in the Middle Ages for a rising of fighting spirit used not only drums and tambourines, but also musicians. It became not only for intimidation, but also to emphasize music.

    Now for drawing attention it isn't obligatory to put a fighting coloring (though some contractors apply this method) or to dress stilts that to be noticed on distant ranks. The video wall, lease of which will cost considerably cheaper, than to establish the panel of the huge sizes, will perfectly emphasize all effects. Why most of the companies, which are engaged in organization of events, give preference to type-setting walls? Firstly, you can build the panel of the huge sizes because restrictions don't exist. The main requirement is that the number of panels was multiple, that is all panels shall be inside, without intervals. The matter is that panels unite consistently and the screen is simple would not turn on if there is not one of the panels. Therefore you set the wall sizes by yorself. Secondly, the color picture turns out saturated and bright. If to take one screen with big diagonal, then it is possible to lose a little of color. It won't be in case of video wall. Thirdly, the price, because it is possible to make a start not from screen’s diagonal, but from that price which you expect.

    Thus, you shouldn't think up the bicycle. If you need to organize visual show, to distributet video on the big screen, then lease of a video wall will approach precisely. Why lease? If you aren't engaged in business, which is connected with actions, then such equipment will useful extremely seldom, even several times a year. So why to buy? That panel became dusty in stock? Provide the required sizes to professionals. The “Gefest Projection” company will provide not only services of lease, but also installation with setup of the equipment. The complete set of services will cost cheaper, than to buy a wall, to hire personnel and to check an equipment condition.