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LED-screen rent

Couples decades ago, development of the city was determined by availability of LED screens on the streets. It was considered very advanced and beautiful, in night-time the city shone not only the stationary equipment, but also was lit with videos. Tokyo was considered as the indisputable leader. The capital of Japan was the center of technical development and accumulation of a large amount of minds.

The LED screen, rent of which is ordered practically in any agency, is possible to see on the streets of many cities now. And not only big. However screens didn't stop to associate with big cities, now evaluates not only the number of the equipment on the streets, but the image’s quality. Videos of advertising character are displayed day and night, therefore brightness and beauty of the image must be at the high level.

It is possible to find a set of the companies which will provide you services in installation of the LED equipment in Russia, but there is a wish to note "Gefest Projection" company. It stands to mention benefits of cooperation:

Of course, you can lease LED screens in any company, but why to pay for services which "Gefest Projection" offers absolutely free of charge? Moreover, there are employees in the state, who will be able to solve any problems in operation of the screens, to adjust them at the request of the client. If you purchase such equipment, then it is necessary to look for personnel for servicing, and also the place for storage. Address to the specialists of the company, and they will resolve all issues. From you is required only the visit to office to be precisely determined what screen is necessary. Departments of "Gefst Projection" can be found in several big cities of Russia, for all others will be suitable communication via phone or the Internet. Specialists will realize any of your ideas.