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    Сенсорный киоск или Как получить максимальную отдачу от выставки

    Participation in an exhibition is a significant event for each company. It is real chance to announce yourself, find new partners and clients. Naturally, the management of the companies prepares for an exhibition in advance: orders colourful polygraphy and banners. Find beautiful girls promoters. And even prepare food and drinks.

    But all this doesn't guarantee that the exhibition will bring desirable result and investments will pay off.

    What do we offer?

    We offer you a touch booth – the tool which will increase return from an exhibition at least for 50%.

    Сенсорный киоск

    Just establish a touch booth near your stand. It will help to attract visitors and to be allocated against the competitors. Besides, thanks to a touch booth, your visitors will obtain a maximum of information about your company and the offered products.

    What advantages will you get from use of a touch booth?

    The touch booth at an exhibition can be used for achievement of one of two strategic goals: sales increase or improvement of image of the company.

    Result: growth of number of loyal clients and growth of sales.

    Why it will work?

    In spite of the fact that a touch booth is not a new product, not so many companies use it for exhibitions. You will have a fine opportunity to build up from competitors. It is very important in the conditions of the competition.

    Information for organizers of an exhibition

    The touch booth – the useful tool for organizers of an exhibition, which not only will facilitate life of visitors of an exhibition, but also will leave at them good impression about you as about the organizer.

    Just establish one or several touch booths on an entrance and several booths inside an exposition. Touch booths on an entrance can be used for registration of visitors and participants. Also booths can acquaint visitors with the catalog of exhibitors and show them location of the necessary stand.

    Besides, on touch booths can be realized the system of answers to questions and also collection of requests for organization of events. As you can see, there is a lot of opportunities at touch booths.

    Where to order?

    The company Gefest Projectionoffers touch booths for implementation of any task. Didn't solve yet whether the touch booth will be useful to your business? Test it. You can order a touch booth in lease. In our assortment are over 20 models. Just choose that, which approaches under your tasks. And our specialists will help you.

    Call us and get complete advice.