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    Modern cinema has presented us a large number of masterpieces. For completeness of immersion in various situations, directors use computer graphics and special effects. It is pleasant to people therefore in some movies the plot passes into the background.

    It’s one thing to watch on a computer graphics in movies and it’s totally another — to participate in them. Everyone likes interactive "toys", where change of the picture, music or silhouettes depends on your movements. The interactive projection to a floor is a unique entertainment for adult and children. Using modern technologies, demonstrates the picture, which reacts to each your action. Each step is displayed by effect; moreover, it is possible to connect background music.

    The “Gefest Projection” company is engaged in promotion of such equipmen and is judge of organization of events, holidays and presentations. In such a way it is possible not only to entertain all surrounding, but also to draw attention to the project on the presentation or an exhibition. Some companies have recourse to the help of "Gefest Projection" to decorate receptions. Employees, clients and sponsors can pass away time, entertaining themselves an interactive projection. As for actions, they not always manage to spent in the nature, therefore having established such projection, it is possible to achieve surprising result. Imagine a wedding ceremony and the bride, who goes on a grass or flowers. With each her step flowers are blossom. This show is of amazing beauty.

    Whatever event you wouldn't want to hold, the interactive projection will only increase effect and will remain in memory of all attendees. Lease of a projection on a floor perfectly will be suitable for one-time events or for approbation of the equipment. It will allow you to estimate all pluses of the interactive image completely. For the order or obtaining by the detailed information, it is only necessary to contact specialists of the “Gefest Projection” company. Consultants can to explain everything detailed and clearly. Using such equipment, it is possible to turn easily even the most uncommon action into very cheerful and remarkable event for you and your guests.