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    Technical progress doesn't stand still. Development of the interactive equipment, practically, inhaled new life in advertising. There were new opportunities of development of advertising that allows realizing the ideas, which seemed impossible several years ago.

    However not all companies and their heads are ready to innovations. They got used to invest money in things that they well know and what understand. For this reason, in addition to a large number of the modern equipment for promotion of goods, the Gefest Projectioncompany offers printer services. In spite of the fact, that the polygraphy is used by the humanity for many hundreds of years, the print advertising will always be available and there will be a demand on it. Availability of advertising gives the chance to a printing product to stay afloat, but it is only one party of service. Printing editions constantly look for where it is better to order polygraphy. During crisis quality of magazines shan't be lost, as well as the price of the edition shan't rise very strongly. For this reason specialists look for an opportunity to reduce the price, having left former quality. Because of a large number of editions and printing workshops, the competition in this sphere is quite high.

    Though you shouldn't think that bottom price in the market will provide high quality of all copies. The matter is that reduction of prices anyway will affect on a paper and other materials, therefore if you are assured that everything will be good, then it not so. Just you are wanted to be caught as client. Anyway, a quantity of copies will be executed not qualitatively. However and high price is not always guarantee 100% result. It is necessary to look for the partner not only by the price, but also feedbacks it’s a lot of them on the Internet now). The Gefest

    Projectioncompany has a number of positive reviews, moreover on the website you can get acquainted with a portfolio to understand, how qualitatively work is performed. And it is matter not only in the equipment but qualified specialists who do everything to achieve desirable result. The equipment is constantly checked, all process of a printing is controlled, even the most monotonous. For this reason, clients of the company always remain happy.