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    Despite development of the Internet, and general computerization, printing editions keep the positions. Nothing can be compared to a smell of the new book. Magazines and newspapers continue to release many thousands circulations. The only problem is the price of a printing. Owners can't raise the price of printing editions because they will obviously lose a part of their clients, however everlasting increase in prices for materials and a printing force to look for more cheap editions. At the same time not only quality of sheets, but also the sprinting decreases.

    If you are the owner of the printed issue and are in searches of an optimum ratio "price/quality", then you should surely address in "Gefest Projection". The company is engaged more than 5 years in production of polygraphy of high quality at rather low price. It allows not only to prevent leakage of clients, but also to attract new. Specialists hold the opinion that it is better to leave the prices at the previous level, than to lose the precious client, as a result it is possible to be left in general without orders. Moreover, the company adheres to option of mass production — a printed issue in a large number that, as a result, allows to pay back the price of all batch. Production of polygraphy in big circulations allows to remain afloat and to make the client happy.

    The high-quality polygraphy confirms the level of the company, and the price will set thinking why you didn't address for services to specialists earlier. The high definition absolutely on any material is reached by using modern technologies and the new equipment. Moreover, specialists of "Gefest Projection" are engaged in development of new decisions, improve available and create new the equipment.

    Make the order of polygraphy at our specialists, and they will answer all interesting questions. The Gefest Projectioncompany works for result and meets all desires of the client. Specialists are able to listen therefore at the exit the quality printing which was ordered by the client, but not which managed to be received turns out.