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    Мультитач стол

    All new and extraordinary always draws attention of people around. Among this is a multi-touch table, the equipment with the monitor where the touch screen is set. Where it can be useful? Anywhere: museums and movie theaters, presentations and exhibitions, supermarkets. Having the large volume of memory, it is possible to load any information for studying or acquaintance.

    The Gefest Projectioncompany is engaged in sale of the equipment for several years and can confirm, that orders come absolutely from different areas. Let's say it is possible to purchase the multi-touch table and to place it in the subway — it will give the chance to passersby not only to study the line of the subway, but also to read about history of a construction and work of each line. Moreover, it is possible to equip the place with the special terminal and to sell tickets, even without hiring additional personnel.

    It should be noted that such tables place in children's entertainment centers very often. On the equipment several games are established. Children can play on a table in breaks between sports. Quite interesting offer which, by the way, attracts not only children, but also more adult persons.

    The permanent leader is advertising . For these purposes the multi-touch tables purchase most of all. They perfectly fit into any interior (have a large number of various options of color scale). The advertising placed thus, is in huge demand because of is unique giving. The main thing for you is to create an interesting video or just to place a complete description of all advantages of the goods. Visitors will pass to a table and to watch the offered advertising .

    Thus, applicable scopes for use multi-touch table are very much. It is possible to be restricted only by your imagination; the equipment allows to load any information. The desktop works on the modern Windows operating system, therefore it is possible to transfer data from a notebook or the USB stick. At the same time it isn't even necessary to make manipulations and to convert customary formats into special.