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    Mulitouch table

    Hunting for clients continues. In such words is possible to describe domestic advertising. The initial idea of advertising filmlets, promoters and distribution of leaflets consisted in irritation of the person. Yes, in irritation. The human body is so constructed that only the strongest emotions is put on hold in memory for long. And how the video, which can repeat every half hour, will bring joy? Therefore the basic principle of advertising is to take by quantity. Domestic marketing specialists advise to take, whenever possible, more broadcasting time, to cover more districts of the city and to take the clients in number is actually hunting. However it is that case when the quantity doesn't develop into quality. Owners of the companies pay money for what won't make profit back for them. The developing companies work for a loss, investing money in advertising, but old approach doesn't affect people any more. Promo videos goes as background noise, leaflets of promoters live maximum to the next trash bin (the person can even not read advertising on piece of paper and to take it only out of courtesy to the promoter).

    What to do? To completely change approach to advertising. The “Gefest Projection” company is engaged in implementation of modern methods of advertising and completely changes the concept of approach. Why to run for the client if he comes itself? It is quite simple to make it. It is enough to establish the multi-touch table on the presentation or at the office. The modern equipment attracts people, especially, if competitors don't have this innovation. Such table is an interactive platform on which is possible to place information about products, short videos and possibilities of acquisition. As the buyer will be attracted by the equipment already, videos will be remembered better, and information will be borned in mind. You don't force the client to read or to look, he does it by himself, therefore the approach cardinally changes.

    You need to address only specialists of the “Gefest Projection” company and to order the multi-touch table. If you doubt in result, then it isn't necessary to buy the equipment, lease it and look how sales will begin to grow.