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    The world of modern advertising

    Modern advertising is ever-expanding with various innovations. Not for nothing it is considered the progress engine. Many innovations of science and technology were initially developed for the advertising industry, and already then turned into everyday life. Advertising is not just business, but also an impact method on various spheres of life:

    Features of modern advertising tools

    Advertising campaign shall be developed taking into account the following requirements:

    To provide high rates of economic growth in the conditions of the most severe competition. This work is difficult, as in the market is offered a large number of almost the same goods. For sales of products it is necessary to look for new ways constantly.

    Effective advertising shall be informative and economic. The buyer shall know what he purchases and what benefits will receive.

    All stated information shall be reliable.

    Today the “Gefest” company offers innovative developments, which provide accomplishment of the following major functions:

    Expenses on advertising campaigns constantly grow, but it is necessary to pay attention to modern developments, to consider needs of audience, that they paid off and made profit. Drawing attention of the consumer requires not only all bright and unusual, but also multipurpose. The projective and interactive technologies fully meet such requirements.

    The “Gefest” will help you to make any advertising campaign memorable, advancing competitors on many steps forward. The range of the company is various, managers will help to pick up to you the equipment, which will promote goods, to create necessary image, to inform the consumer.

    The best offers from “Gefest”

    The model range of the equipment is the widest, it’s not only meets all modern requirements of the advertising industry, but also allows to solve the most difficult marketing problems. What it is possible to get from us? It is worth paying attention on the virtual promoter. Today it is popular among our clients and is applied to the holding of presentations. Why it is convenient? It is projective technology in the form of imitation of the real person, which is able to collect around itself audience, to keep its attention. This quite compact equipment is in the form of the operating block and the transparent panel screen. At turning on the multimedia projector submits incredibly realistic image on the screen, the audio system is meant to be used in the noisy room.

    Projective show-windows is also patented “Gefest’s” technology, which allows to turn any boring show-window into the bright realistic screen. Specialists of the company register unique content initially and then installation and system’s set up is performed.

    The 3D mapping, which was presented at the market not so long ago, is one of the brightest tools. It is a unique projective technology, by means of which it is possible to create a light show on any surface. Modern opportunities make real work with facades of buildings, a scene and even cars. The show collects large audience, the action turns out the most effective and spectacular.

    Today interactive technologies are demanded more than ever. They allow optimizing promotional costs, at the same time the level of efficiency increases. To consumer is convenient to work with the equipment, he easily obtains necessary information by several touches or gestures. Any surface can be turned into the information bright screen in the shortest possible time. Fully it concerns such tools as an interactive table, walls, floor. The principle of their work can differ a little, but they unite in one - it is a creation of the bright and realistic image, plus a possibility of interaction.

    Ready holographic solutions, for example, a golocubes, pyramids are demanded among our clients. By means of holography it is possible to create volume, incredibly realistic images. Such equipment is intended for image advertising mostly. It creates a necessary image of the company, draws attention, and convinces public that the provided goods or service are better and more profitable.

    The ‘’Gefest” company offers to the clients only modern advertising equipment, meeting all requirements. In the showroom of the Moscow branch it is possible to get acquainted with all features of models, opportunities and additional functions. Managers will help to make a choice, specialists not only will deliver the equipment into place, but also will make installation, setup, record of content. You will need only to admire the result.