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    Интерактивный киоск – эффективный инструмент развития бизнеса

    Serve clients and unostentatiously remind them of yourself 24 hours 7 days a week.

    Make use of service «interactive booth in lease» and be convinced of its efficiency.

    Provide information to consumers about the goods and services and receive additional advertising.

    Increase sales and cover more clients.

    An interactive booth is the universal tool for simplification of many household tasks and also ideal means for involvement of new clients and for promotion of new products and/or services in the market.

    With an interactive booth you save at least 30 000 rubles a month (there is approximately job compensation of the consultant). Now you can forget about these expenses. An interactive booth is a fine opportunity to improve customer service, to advance the goods and services, without putting anything in addition.

    Интерактивный киоск – эффективный инструмент развития бизнеса

    How the interactive booth works?

    Daily consumers use interactive booths in order that:

    What do you receive, implementing interactive booths in the business?

    How to begin?

    If you have doubts or you can't be determined with the software, we suggest you to test interactive booths. For this purpose we provided the service "interactive booth in lease".

    If you already see all benefits of interactive booths for your business, then contact us, and we will develop for you the personal commercial offer.

    If necessary, we will develop the software for your task and will execute branding of the case. In the event of the order of several interactive booths, it is possible to unite them in single information network that will allow managing easily and quickly interactive booths.

    Have any questions? Contact us!