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    Интерактивная фотолаборатория

    Time doesn't stand still, so as we. Now everyone tries to become successful therefore is rewarding career. There is a wish to make it. For this reason the life rhythm considerably accelerated in comparison with last years. However, our life consists not only of work, sometimes, it turns out to go out into the world and to have a rest. These rare moments want to be captured in photo and place on a wall in a frame.

    On many parties in clubs or actions photographers are not news any more. They photograph people, pleasing with high-quality pictures. The problem is that the visitor of an institution doesn't even know where then to look for the pictures, also it is interesting to look at him and to leave for memory. Moreover, pictures can happen not especially joyful or something is not pleasant to you. What to do in that case? The Gefest Projectioncompany proposes the modern solution of an annoying problem — an interactive photolaboratory. You shouldn't be frightened directly. It is only an interactive table, the place for shooting and the photographer who is able to make good photos. What's the big idea? On an action or a party is established the place for photography. After the picture is made, it gets to the base of an interactive table where everybody can look how exactly they turned out on a photo. Moreover, if the photo which was made by the photographer was pleasant, it can be sent onyour e-mail then not to look for it. The equipment enjoys popularity. It is ordered not only on evening actions, but also on weddings, corporate parties, family and public holidays. People are pleased by the concept — it is possible not only to look how it turned out on a photo, but also to send on e-mail at once.

    On the domestic market of services, only the Gefest Projectioncompany is capable to give the chance to lease an interactive photolaboratory. Why exactly to lease? The matter is that purchase of such equipment isn’t reasonable. Any event is held not every day but through a certain period. If you purchase a table, then it will be necessary not only to find the place for its storage, but also personnel for periodic inspection. For this reason, it is much more profitable to lease the equipment.