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    Интерактивная фотолаборатория

    Photos. We so like to be photographed. If earlier it was for looking through albums in free time or to share memories with the family and children, now the concept has changed. With foundation of social networks, people try to stand out and to show people around how well the owner of a page is having a rest, spends evenings or has made purchase. All this becomes to advance the status in society. Let even virtual or just for increase in a self-assessment. How many pleasures when you see that photos have estimated, have written pleasant comments.

    In spite of the fact that each action takes place with presence of the photographer, nobody speaks about quality of the made pictures. Especially offensive when you didn't even flash in a shot or on a photo turned out not really well for whole evening. The problem is that you can't look at the made pictures to draw conclusions in advance. What to do in that case? If you want to please the guests, then the interactive photolaboratory perfectly will approach. The “Gefest Projection” company is engaged in organization of events already many years, and also development of the equipment for them. Having estimated wishes of clients and guests, employees made a conclusion that a photolaboratory is what is necessary for each event. In what its uniqueness? The interactive table which has USB port and Fi is equipped Wi- is established indoor. Through certain periods the photographer throws the made pictures and everyone can look at them. Moreover, there is an opportunity to send it to mail directly. The result turns out surprising. During the evening the table isn't empty. Around it always a queue and cheers. The wide display allows making out even the smallest details of the photo.

    If you aren't engaged in organization of events and just hold activities for yourself, then lease of interactive laboratory is what is necessary. There is no need to buy the equipment entirely. It is enough to order and look at result personally. It is possible to arrange the order at specialists of the “Gefest Projection” company.