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    Гобо проекция в торговом центре Мега

    The company Gefest Projectionoffers new type of outdoor advertising, which will be suitable for the most various external surfaces. A gobo projection is a type of advertising, which principle is based on projection of slides of logos of firms, photos and also posters.

    This type of advertising already got unprecedented popularity in the large cities and provided the worthy competition to other advertising technologies.

    What represents a gobo projector?

    Projectors happen two types — metal halid and light devices. The gobo technology can be compared to images from old movies. They are used in the most various types of light devices. The technology allows displaying both static pictures and moving images. For advertising the logo of the company, the photo or any other text or the image can be used. As the main carrier of the image the prototype made of glass is used. Capacity of a light flow depends on capacity of a lamp of the device. The powerful light beam illuminates that picture, which is engraved on a slide, and this image, in its turn, displayed on the chosen surface.

    What are the advantages of gobo-projection?

    What advantages will be got by the company, using gobo technologies?

    Most often this type of advertising is ordered by owners of entertaining institutions. By means of unique technology it is possible to provide a constatnt demonstration of images to any type of a surface at any time and under any weather conditions. Illumination of buildings is capable not only to draw attention of passersby, but also to force them to pay attention to advertising . Any company, wishing to attract new clients as much as possible, shall be stand out from the competitors. Without use of modern methods of customer acquisition, it is not easy to achieve success. Gobo architectural illumination will change shape of your stand completely and will draw attention of any passerby.

    Gobo projectors will be suitable for the most various actions. With their help it is possible to make any holiday memorable and bright. The gobo projection in the shopping center MEGA will allow considerably increasing chances of canvassing of buyers.

    Why the most solid and known companies order advertising from us?

    For us there are no impracticble tasks. We are ready to execute even the most difficult project.

    We have a huge rent park of various equipment. The lease of gobo projectors will allow to save money on acquisition of the expensive equipment. Also you won't need to spend money for its installation as our specialists will make not only its installation, but also will adjust a projector at tcustomer’s own discretion.

    We are ready to help our clients to make a logo of any complexity. Working with us, you can be sure that your advertising will be distinguished from competitors and will attract the most part of target audience.