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    Representative office in Moscow

    The branch in Moscow is considered one of the best, here is not only own production base, but also laboratory where the latest developments are made, content recorded. Today the “Gefest” company has representations on all territory of Russia, but Moscow branch has more opportunities for implementation of the creative ideas. Many companies in the Russian Federation offer delivery services of the advertising equipment, but only we have an own production. We offer only high-quality and best services in the market.

    Our brunch’s team consists of high professionals. Various divisions works on the basis of Moscow brunch office - it is departments which are engaged in sales, new projects. The big team works on record of modern high-quality content.

    The personnel of branch realize the brightest and effective projects in Moscow. Specialists not only develop, but also test innovations. Only after that they enter the market. There is a rich showroom In Moscow, the modern rent park where any provided equipment can be seen in operation, to get acquainted with all features, benefits, additional functions. Now it isn't necessary to wait for the advertising equipment, it it is easy, quickly and in already ready type is possible to order directly from specialists. Transportation is performed quickly; installation and adjustment are performed by experienced specialists. If there is a need, then cubes, video walls and the other equipment is possible to lease on profitable terms.

    Our stuff

    Poceluikin Andrej, Head of project
    Poceluikin Andrej
    Head of project "Interactive Russia"
    Golubeva Ksenia, new business director
    Golubeva Ksenia
    new business director
    Leonova Natalia, project manager
    Leonova Natalia
    project manager
    Belousov Sergej, ingeneur-programmer
    Belousov Sergej
    Фотин Владислав, руководитель направления Event
    Fotin Vladislav
    Head of project Event


    Moscow brunch team

    The branch company in Moscow is located at Starosadsky Lane, 5th building 6. It is possible to call headquarter, developments and approbation are carried out right here. The team is rightfully considered the most experienced and creative. We are proud of such a cohesive team that perfectly understanding what does mean the teamwork.

    The head of Hephaestus group of companies is Ivanov Pavel. He managed to create literally "from scratch" the big production, offering the latest developments, which don't have analogs in the world. The Head of the Moscow branch is Roman Kondrikov, he is engaged in work coordination, search of new decisions. The head of the Sales Department is the experienced specialist David Chavleshvili, offering to our clients only the best and advantageous offers.

    Georgy Beradze is a Development Director of branch, and Evgeny Semenov acts as the head of the perspective direction Expo. The department Interactive which actively develops and is one of the most productive today is headed by the young specialist Nikolay Yudin. The company performance wouldn't be so productive if not united team of managers. The senior manager Christina Zubova brought together around herself young and creative professionals - it is Vladimir Skopich, Tatyana Gerb, Sergey Sergeyev, Ella Voronova. The company is obliged by search of new decisions and the bright ideas to designers Anton Polyakov and Alexey Podolsky, who is also an experienced and highly professional video operator. Active participation in development and creation of content is accepted by the photographer Master Mikhail and the makeup artist Irina Iva. And of course any enterprise needs a financial specialist, the position of the accountant of the Moscow branch is held by Claudia Malyuk.

    Our office

    Наш офис Наш офис Наш офис

    Наш офис Наш офис Наш офис

    Наш офис


    What you can order in our Moscow branch?

    We offer modern developments that will make any advertising campaign bright and memorable:

    1. Virtual promoter – is the patented technology of our company. It will work under any conditions, the virtual employee will increase profitability; will bring business to a whole new level. It is possible to use technology not only for an exhibition or the presentation, but also as the original and effective information stand, for example, in the store or at the automobile dealership.
    2. Interactive walls are represented in big assortment. These are not just screens, visitors can interact with the image and information, to obtain data which are necessary. Today interactive walls are in very good demand. They are applied to exhibition complexes, holding the presentations of new products, in educational institutions, museums, concert venues. The image on a surface of a wall is bright and incredibly realistic, perfectly distinguishable in case of any level of lighting.
    3. Holographic decisions strike with the fantastic opportunities, such technology seemed hardly realizable about ten years ago. Holographic pyramids and cubes are screens with unique opportunities. The image moves on the surface of the special processed glass, it seems incredibly realistic.
    4. The projective technology is applied presently rather widely, it is effective, allows to solve even the most complex problems. The model range of the equipment is wide, it includes projective show-windows, screens, bars which are used under various conditions. Many developments are patented, they have no analogs.

    The “Gefest” company offers only the effective equipment which gives great results. It is possible to get acquainted with all equipment in showroom previously. Experienced specialists will show all opportunities and functions, will help to make a choice. Ordering interactive and projective technology from us, you can be sure in great and fast result. Likewise, any equipment you can take on lease.