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    The world of advertising is not just bright and colourful cover, these are innovative most difficult technologies and work of many people. On development of an effective advertising campaign a lot of time is required. “Gefest” offers the unique modern equipment and services, which will help to make this work easier and simpler.

    Our company is the leader in the market of the innovative advertising equipment. At us it is possible to pick up various options for implementation. They will help to increase profit, to untwist a brand, to create necessary image. With us advertising will become more productive. All technologies are approved, servicing is carried out only by the best specialists.

    We cooperate with many exhibition complexes and platforms, the design companies and the model agencies, developers of high-technology devices. The range of the company is wide, we apply not only own patented developments, but also the best equipment of global manufacturers. It is possible to rank at this list holographic installations which can be added at the request of the client with other options.

    Advertising equipment

    The efficiency of advertising campaign depends largely on what exactly equipment is applicable. “Gefest” has own production base and laboratory where employees develop and approve each innovation. We actively cooperate with the best global manufacturers who offer the modern high-technology equipment. Among partners of the company, who help us to make the world of advertising even brighter, should be noted:

    1. "Holographic 3D systems" is the company which offers unique holographic developments today. Not so long ago images that like soaring in the air, seemed fantastic, but today it is not only possible, but also is productive. Holocube, holographic pyramids and films – all this will make the presentation bright and memorable. Unusual pyramids external aren't similar to screens at all. The flat sides are transparent, they aren't visible during the installation work. In case of inclusion of a projector, there is extraordinary naturalistic volume image of goods or a logo inside. It seems that it is possible to touch it, but actually it is not. However, you can to control it by simple gestures.
    2. The “Kaleidoscope” company offers holographic films and installations. They are regularly used at the presentations, conferences and seminars. It should be noted, that any stand from the “Kaleidoscope” company will become a central piece in the loud hall. Do you want to see it for yourself? Then you should visit our showroom.
    3. The “Dedal” production company is engaged in production of the latest interactive equipment which differs in the highest quality and accuracy of work. Such innovative technical innovations will make any advertising campaign productive. They are applied in the other areas too. The equipment from our partner is used quite often, many clients already managed to appreciate effectiveness and simplicity of systems.
    4. One of our best partners is the “3M” corporation, it acts as a developer of the world famous producer of the high-technology equipment CASIO.

    Besides, we have numerous own divisions, each of which is engaged in own developments and researches.

    The best advertising spaces

    Efficiency of an advertising campaign also depends and from that where exactly the product is represented. For this reason today we cooperate with the best platforms of the country. Our installations were used on Krasnaya Presnya in Expocentre, in Novosibirsk and the other largest cities. Many companies in case of cooperation with us could gain fame.

    The Novosibirsk Expo – the modern, perfectly equipped largest center beyond the Urals. This complex has no analogs on hardware, on popularity of the exposed projects among other platforms of the Russian Federation today. Our installations take places of honor here. We take part in holding the large-scale presentations, the organization of exhibition actions in the Expocenter of Novosibirsk.

    How to choose spokesmodel for an efficient advertising campaign?

    Creation of an interesting and bright advertising campaign requires development of content. That the result turned out stunning, harmonious work of reliable professionals is required. Why it has such value? The person who will become further the spokesperson shall meet all requirements fully. From that, how correctly model is chosen, depends the effectiveness of advertising.

    We work with the best model agencies:

    1. "Ginzamodels" - one of the largest and known agencies with solid reputation, the worthy ideas and perfect endurance.
    2. "Alphamodels" - the creative modern agency which is known thanks to the extraordinary approach, the original ideas and interesting results.

    Our specialists will write down content with participation of the chosen model, its image will correspond completely to a product or service, the customer's wishes.

    We are ready to offer only the best to our clients. The company’s work would not be so efficient without trustworthy partners and verified assistances.