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    Our Team

    Эпштейн Andrej, Head of project
    Эпштейн Andrej
    Head of project "Interactive Russia"
    Golubeva Ksenia, new business director
    Golubeva Ksenia
    new business director
    Leonova Natalia, project manager
    Leonova Natalia
    project manager
    Belousov Sergej, ingeneur-programmer
    Belousov Sergej
    Фотин Владислав, руководитель направления Event
    Fotin Vladislav
    Head of project Event

    Any modern company will be able to work accurately and effectively if are adjusted excellent relations in the team, which is interested in effectiveness, professional execution of work. The “Gefest”company can be justifiably proud of its team of the adherents, best specialists in the market, working like the harmonious mechanism.

    Pavel Ivanov – is company’s chief executive. He is the one who had solved the challenge of the creating a successful corporation, which quickly enough became the leader in the modern oversaturated market. The company is growing fast, offering self-engineered products and the up-to-date ideas all the time.

    The “Gefest” company is one of the large production commercial corporations which are engaged in development, production of the best advertising and media equipment. For the years of companys’ performance was opened own production base, the laboratory, which is engaged in innovative developments. Our specialists presented to the market interactive bar, the holographic refrigerator, projective show-windows, and the virtual promoter. But all these achievements would be impossible if not professional and united collective, which is the basis of a powerful developer and manufacturer of "Gefest" for many years.

    The advantages of working with us

    For our clients we offer only the best developments which allow to provide the high level of effectiveness. Among advantages which you get in case of a cooperation with us it should be noted:

    The Moscow branch’s team

    One of the company’s branches is located in the capital, right there is one of laboratories, production bases. The branch in Moscow is headed by Roman Kondrikov who gathered around himself the experienced, professional team which is considered as one of the best.

    The Sales department is headed by Katerina Rarivker. This is one of our most experienced specialists ensuring accurate, smooth functioning of the company. The creative director – David Daniyelyan, Ruslan Shamsutdinov is engaged in Department of the latest developments and their implementation. The Engineering Department, which plays an important role in a company performance, is headed by Yury Senatorov today. Evgeny Shishkin occupies post of the Production Director.

    Overall performance of any company, which is engaged not only in development, but also delivery of the advertising and media equipmen,t in many respects depends on coordination of actions of various divisions. Today we can be proud of the fact, that all directions are supervised by the best professionals. The direction of the Expo is supervised by Annetta Vasilyeva, the department of Event is headed by Vladislav Fotin. Accurate operation of all equipment, which we offer our customers, is provided by Engineering Department which head is Nikolay Hisayev.

    Projective and interactive equipment could not work as intended without recording good-quality content. For this reason we brought together one of the best team, which si engaged only in this direction. Sergey Belousov is responsible for work of this division, for today he is one of the best and experienced “Gefest’s’’programmers The Technical director, who works in the same direction, is Andrey Ilyyutenko. Natalya Leonova is the Chief Manager who is responsible for work with projects of the company, Ksenia Golubeva holds a position of New Business Director.

    Of course, part in work is taken also by other specialists, without whom effective work and dynamic development would be impossible. Today on the basis of Moscow brunch are working photographers, videographers, engineers, managers, make-up artists and the other professionals.

    The brunches of the “Gefest” company in the other cities

    Our company constantly develops. Branches appears in many cities of Russia, offering modern services and the best advertising equipment. To provide the high level of effectiveness, we select the best specialists, without them work would be difficult and not such interesting.

    One of the largest brunches is the Novosibirsk’s department. It has production base, the big department which is engaged in developments and record of content. Dmitry Baltachev heads branch, Zinaida Kuznetsova is responsible for work with clients, Galina Shakhmametova acts as the manager. All specialists of the company experienced. Despite the youth, they propose new, fresh solutions, provide excellent result.

    Also we have brunches in such cities as: Almetyevsk, Kaluga, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Sochi, Rostov-na-Donu, Izhevsk, Cherepovec, Baku, Saint-Petersburg. On any question it is possible to address specialists in these branches, to visit showrooms for acquaintance with the equipment and all its opportunities. The cost of systems democratic, except sale you can take it on lease. Installation, primary setup, record content recording – all can be done by our specialists.