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    GefestCapital Group

    Ivanov Pavel –  Founder and CEO at GefestCapital Group
    Ivanov Pavel
    Founder and CEO at GefestCapital Group

    About GefestCapital

    “Gefest Capital” - is the production business company, realizing the modern innovative equipment for the advertising and media industry. The 21st century imposes the requirements of representation of a product, traditional methods aren't efficient any more. They are not only too costly, but also ineffective. Our company offers only the best and high-quality equipment which is capable to take your business to a completely new position.

    The CEO Ivanov Pavel created the big industry on development and deployment of innovative technologies in advertising and entertainment industry. There were the other companies which offered the projective equipment, but all of them were intermediaries, the domestic developer wasn't in the territory of the Russian Federation. For several years of laborious and fruitful work the “Gefest team possessed own production base, research laboratory and big staff of specialists. Branches opened in many large cities of Russia, there are representations and in other countries. Our partners are producer companies of the high-precision equipment therefore we use only modern accessories for our systems.

    Our Office

    Our Office Our Office Our Office Our Office

    What can we offer?

    On the market of Russia “Gefest” realizes only the best approved equipment. It can be previously estimated in the showroom where you can see all opportunities and functionality in operation. The pleasant models can be leased for holding a small action or the presentation, having saved on expenses.

    Today our company offers:

    1. The virtual promoter is the patented development with the wide range of opportunities. Unlike the hired employee it isn't tired, always perfectly looks, is ready to provide to the visitor the detailed information on the represented product. Such patented technologies allow satisfying any requirements of a promotion company. The virtual promoter can be in addition equipped with the Interactive system, have various sizes, intend for an exhibition, use in shops, educational institutions, museums.меры, предназначаться для выставки, использования в магазинах, учебных заведениях, музеях.
    2. Projective installations will cause a stir in a big assortment. Today it is possible to order projection screens, walls or a floor. The image broadcast by them strikes with the brightness and reality. It is dynamic therefore directly draws attention of visitors. To ensure effective work of the systems, special content records previously. Display is performed by special multimedia projectors.
    3. Holographic installations appeared in the market not so long ago, but have caused a stir already. Unique holograms carry out a role of image advertising ; allow to create a necessary image of the company and a product. A model range big, it includes holocubes, holographic pyramids, refrigerators and more. It is possible to use this technology in various purposes.
    4. Unusual lihgtshows collect directly large audience. Architectural highlighting of buildings or interior elements – it is always spectacular and unusual. Beforehand it is necessary to write qualitative content in full accordance with assignment of an action and architectural features. After that is executed selection and mounting of the luminous equipment. The show doesn't take a lot of time, but effect of it tremendous, it for a long time remains in memory of attendees.


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    You can order:

    Our clients


    The advantages of work with "Gefest"

    “Gefest" is the leader in the market of the innovative advertising equipment. Benefits of work with us:

    1. We have not only a laboratory for carrying out developments, but also own production. Not all companies in Russia and in the world can be proud of availability of modern production base. It discloses the amplest opportunities before our customers. Any equipment can be brought into a full compliance with the planned action, provided availability of additional functionality. The staff includes only the best specialists, plus we cooperate with many design, model, marketing agencies.
    2. All technologies, developed by our specialists pass tests without fail to make sure in efficiency and non-failure operation of the equipment. Among personnel there are experienced assemblers and engineers. The equipment will be installed quickly, will make the corresponding settings, and will develop content. As may be required, technical services will be carried out during equipment handling.
    3. We work individually with each client. This allows us to perform work more efficiently and quickly.


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    The “Gefest” company works at the market since 2008. The strong basis for leadership in the field of innovative technologies was created during this time. Today we offer cooperation on the most advantageous conditions. Except sale, the equipment is offered in lease.