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    About company

    The “Gefest” production business company offers the latest projective equipment for the advertising and media industry. The equipment works for result, any business can be made more successful and effective with its help. The main area of work of the company is development and adoption of innovative technologies, deliveries of the projective, light equipment, ready holographic decisions. Interactive advertising in Moscow with “Gefest” - it is profitable, simple and effective!


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    The best offers from “Gefest”

    Today the “Gefest” company is engaged in developments of the projective modern equipment, which is ready to make any action brighter and productive. It concerns not only the advertising industry, but also entertaining. Competent use of the latest developments gives the chance to increase profitability approximately for 30% already through the shortest time after the beginning of work. Is it impressive result? Then we are ready to cooperate with you on the most advantageous conditions.

    Before offering an innovation to the clients, specialists of the company surely hold testing. It allows minimizing all risks, providing the high level of profitability of any advertising campaign. Our customers can be sure that the equipment will be multipurpose.

    Do you want to be convinced of ingenuity of developments, to try them in operation? Then we invite you to visit our showroom in Moscow. Managers will acquaint you with latest must haves and systems checked by time. The “Gefest” company has the big rent park with a presentation office. You can see all special effects, options with own eyes. You will be able to understand as far as this or that equipment is suitable for the held event, estimate all its opportunities and additional functionality.

    We have own laboratory and production base, the equipment can be finished or manufactured to order. The virtual promoter, a video wall, a polivizor – all this can be created by the individual order, taking into account all requirements. We turn into reality any difficult decision. You can order a holographic pyramid with individual design, interactive modern bar with exclusive appearance, a multipurpose interactive table.

    The modern interactive in Moscow differs in reasonable prices. We offer only advantageous conditions of ooperation not only to business companies, but also public institutions, physical persons, entrepreneurs of small and medium business. For us the main thing is the result. At us it is possible not only to get acquainted with the offered equipment, but also to order it, to lease on profitable terms, having cut down promotional expenses.

    Projective advertising in Moscow

    We are ready to offer our buyers:

    The patented virtual promoter, which is intended for providing information in a convenient way. Externally it is a transparent panel, on which the image is projected. It is incredibly realistic imitation of the real person, who as if directly communicates with visitors. The Interactive system does communication real; it is enough to person to make a gesture to display the required information.

    Model range of the interactive equipment is various, even the most exacting client will be able to pick up necessary model. We offer bars, tables, walls and show-windows, which are capable to propel your business on absolutely new level. Equipment cost is optimum, it is available to everyone.

    Ready holographic decisions are demanded among buyers. At us it is possible to purchase or lease holographic cubes and pyramids, films, show-windows. The so-called holographic refrigerator is in great demand. It is unique development, which allows increasing sales by 60-70% literally during the first hours. The door of the refrigerator is a holographic bright screen. On its surface it is possible to broadcast any image, information about promotional events.

    “Gefest” is ready to any cooperation, we will help you to propel business on absolutely new positions. In work part is taken by experienced engineers, programmers, specialists in record of content. Execution of the order is monitored by managers, who not only will advice what equipment is better, but also will help to determine content, features of use and the organization of presentation stands.

    Benefits of work with us

    Projective advertising in Moscow wasn't so available and profitable as today. We offer only individual approach to each client, all equipment, realized by us, is tested and is a sure bet for implementation.

    The company has own production base, it allows us to offer constantly new developments, to expand functionality of already available equipment.

    The Moscow branch differs in the fact that except production base there is a laboratory in its territory. Exactly here our specialists developed the models allowing expanding possibilities of advertising to heights, inaccessible earlier. By deliveries of the interactive and projective equipment, record of content is required. This work is performed by our professionals qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.

    The company constantly develops, at the moment representations and branches are open not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the territory of other countries. We actively cooperate with the best producers of the advertising and high-technology equipment worldwide; support partner communications with many exhibition platforms.

    We have all necessary certificates on the equipment, which is delivered by us.

    We are the unique company which is engaged in production of the equipment "from scratch". Many companies offer advertising developments in the market, but only we have own production base .

    Interactive advertising in Moscow – it is profitable and productive. We are always glad to new cooperation, for regular customers work systems of discounts and advantageous offers.