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Поливизор в Москве

Today traditional methods aren't applied to creation of effective advertising campaign as they aren't interesting to consumers any more. Every year there are novelties which literally overturn the advertising and media industry, set it the new direction. One of such developments is the polivizor, i.e. the fog screen from air and water.

Fog screens have won a strong position of the leader at once. What is it caused by? The equipment works by the principle of creation of a dense veil from microscopic drops of water. They move under pressure and only in one direction. At the same time the veil absolutely dry and cool, any condensate doesn't remain. At turning on of the projectors on a surface appears accurate, incredibly realistic image.

Аренда поливизора в Москве

The Finnish and American polivizor have appeared a little earlier than domestic, but they are of a lower quality than the Russian development. At turning on of such systems the foggy basis is well noticeable, during the work the noise is heard. The Russian polivizor creates almost not a distinguishable air stream, i.e. the maximum effect of a psvedogologramma attains.

Polivizor in operation

What does differ Polivizor from other projective panels? The screen is literally consists of theair and microdrops of the water. When the system is switched on the special installation, connected to the container with water or a water supply system, begins to generate fog. It gives under pressure, the multilayered dense stream is formed on which the image is displayed. Feature of the equipment is what through the screen can be passed easily, without having noticed practically anything. Only an easy cool and dryness of air, none of damp spots, an indistinct make-up or the spoiled hairstyle.

Цена поливизора в Москве

How the system works and what provides such improbable effect? Everything is quite simple, none fantastic technologies, only modern developments. Functioning of the device is ensured by such accessories:

  1. The special ultrasonic generator is used to generation of microparticles of fog. By the principle of work it is similar to a regular humidifier which is applied quite widely today. This device is safe, economic, very simple. The size of water particles, which are generated is equal to 5-10 microns. The ultrasonic device is high-precision, it allows in accuracy to control the sizes of microdrops, flow density, its speed.
  2. During generation, a particle of water get a negative charge, in a flow they don't stick together in big drops. It allows creating absolutely dry screen which doesn't leave absolutely any marks on the passing visitors. It also is one of the main effects when the image seems soaring in air, nothing supported. There is no physical monitor here, the similar effect has holographic screen.
  3. The modern foggy screen consists of a dense multilayered stream. There are 3 layers, one central layer is a run screen, the image is projected on it. Two side layers protect it from the drafts. The stream density is a concept relative. Passing through the screen visitors feel nothing, but the existing density is quite enough that fog reflected the video image.
  4. In purpose of the water screen kept necessary physical properties, the equipment for a lamirization is used. Such device allows controlling the movement of steam, lamirization degree, stream temperature.
  5. To submission of the image is applied the projector with high level of resolution. Due to it content turns out on the surface of the display bright, accurate, impressively realistic.

The possibilities of fog screens

Polivizor is possible to apply in exhibition complexes, entertaining institutions, theatrical and concert performances. The water screen is high-quality and bright, it allows to create improbable effects literally from nothing. In the air appears the realistic image, it is possible to pass through it easily, at the same time quality won't be reduced.

Feature of a polivizor is that for use controlled conditions are necessary. Illumination must not be too bright because the image will be hard to distinguish. It is important that there were no drafts and strong air flows indoor. Height of ceilings can't be lower than 3 m.

Polivizor perfectly carries out a role of an independent display, it doesn't require the additional equipment and heavy expenses on registration. Such screen will become the central object of any presentation and action. Already during the first hours after switching on it is possible to see the result. The audience considerably increases, at the same time sales if such opportunity is provided, begin to grow.

From benefits of foggy screens it should be noted that they allow optimizing costs for an advertising campaign. Many visitors captures on video a similar unusual show, records then easily and quickly extend in network, the large number of people gets acquainted with information. Today many companies already had estimated all benefits of use a polivizor for advertising. Such screens can be seen in receptions and halls of the largest corporations of the world, on the presentations, forums, seminars. Steam screens become participants of the brightest shows and actions.

More and more actively foggy screens are used not only as displays, but also to installation in doorways of hotels, salons, shops. Visitors can quietly pass through a veil which can have the most various images of logos, brands, images of goods. Various characters, fantastic effects which change when passing through them are effective.

Polivizor is a unique development which lifted advertising to absolutely new level. Today fog screens can be ordered in any picking or leased on profitable terms.

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