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    FOG Screen - Туманный экран

    Туманный экран в Москве

    Today the advertising and media industry aims to use only modern and effective technologies. The fog screen is innovative development therefore when visitors see it at the first time, it seems that the image arises literally in air. The system has no physical screen, the image displays by a special projector on a dense air flow from water microdrops. The shown object seems three-dimensional, bright and incredibly realistic. Often foggy screen is compared to the hologram. The effect is reached almost similar, only there is no physical screen in this case.

    The first developments in this area have been made by the American engineers. After them, fog screens have appeared and at the European developer - Fogscreen (Finland). With small delay the polivizor began to be issued also in Russia, but this system differs in big quality and showiness. At foreign analogs in operating time noise of the installations generating steam is heard, at the Finnish models the steam screen is swept strongly up. Similar shortcomings reduce staginess. The Russian novelty from “Gefest” is more universal, the steam screen isn't visible in operating time. At observance of all service conditions, and they aren't difficult, it seems that it is the real hologram.

    Аренда туманного экрана в Москве

    Polivizor, or as still it is called the fog screen, is applied in such areas as:

    How the polivizor works?

    The first reaction to a polivizor is a surprise. Around the unusual stand the crowd of visitors gathers at once. Content for fog screens can be a miscellaneous, but it will remain noticed anyway. For example, the bright globe which is groundless will become the central element of attention at once.

    Цена туманного экрана в Москве

    At switching on the equipment, in the air appears bright, incredibly realistic image. At first sight it isn't even believed that there is no screen, and the subject isn't a material object. On the one hand, such system represents a fruit of the most difficult technical developments. On the other hand – the fog screen is simple: for its’ work are necessary only the projector, the generator of steam and the operating unit.

    In purposeof the projection to steam was qualitative, it is necessary to provide all necessary conditions. At first, it is necessary to define, where to arrange the equipment, what conditions of lighting will be required. The main component of system is the operating unit. It counts and controls all changes. It concerns the direction of a stream, speed, laminarization degree.

    Стоимость туманного экрана в Москве

    To generation of steam is used the ultrasonic device which reminds a household humidifier by the principle of action. It creates from usual water a microdrops, having the size only of couple microns. The stream consists of 3 layers, central is a run screen, on its surface the image is displayed. On each side of this stream are created 2 protective layers, which protect the main stream from drafts, casual movements of air which can spoil effect. Of course, such layers won't be able to protect from strong wind therefore foggy screens are suitable for indoor use.

    When the projector is switching on, on the screen submits the qualitative and realistic volume image. Previously records the content to display. It is possible use of the Interactive system for interaction of the user and system.

    The modern screen – water and air

    As if it didn't seem strange, but for production of the modern high-quality screen it is necessary to use only the water and the air. The image is projected on the generated fog in the form of water microparticles with a negative charge. When passing through such flow the visitor will feel nothing except an easy cool. The system before work is connected to a water supply system or reservoir with water. In the first case it is necessary to use the filter for installation to avoid pollution.

    The condition for mounting – ceiling height indoors couldn't be less than three meters. The device which generates steam is suspended to a ceiling, it isn't visible to visitors at all. During an operating time of installation there is no noise, the generator works by the principle of an ultrasonic humidifier, only particles of water are given a small negative charge. When forming a flow all particles begin to move in the given direction. The controlling unit controls temperature and other conditions which are necessary for the correct system operation.

    Feature of the screen is that visitors can pass through a flow, perfectly without having felt anything. This property is more and more actively applied to creation of air veils at entrance today. It seems that instead of a door there is a poured haze with a logo or fantastic thickets of plants. Veils can become an excellent novelty for radical change of image. Today even more often it is possible to see foggy veils in hotels, salons, shops, large car showrooms.

    Fog screens in the advertising industry are used as effective stands which are capable to solve many marketing problems. It is not only involvement of large audience, but also creation of necessary image of the company, representation of any product or service. Even more often fog screens are installed in halls and conference rooms, they can be seen at offices and representations worldwide.

    Such screens are used to theatrical and concert performances as:

    It took some timebefore it becomes clear to the audience that these characters are images, but not the actors. Quality of submission of information is so high that it is difficult to believe in non-materiality of the objects. The fog screen is excellent option for creation of the memorable commercial film, holding the presentations.

    The Fog Screen complex (the prices in rubles, incl. the VAT)
    Name Production Price, rub. Price, 1 days, rub.
    Fog screen Finland 1 950 000 140 000
    Fog screen China 950 000 115 000