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    Светодиодные шары и кубы

    The advertising and media and entertaining industries always sought to use all new and unusual. The LED technology didn't become an exception. From the moment of the representation to general public, it is even more often applied to carrying out the memorable advertising campaigns. Excellent extraordinary option for introduction – LED spheres and cubes. They are used for the creation of courages installations at the offices, entertaining institutions, by drawing up landscaping.

    Technical characteristics of LED installations

    Special high-strength plastic is applied for production of designs with LED illumination. It is capable to maintain considerable loadings, blows, temperature drops. Many systems aren't afraid of moisture, they can be safely used for outdoor installation.

    Светодиодные шары и кубы в Москве

    As a source of power supply can be used special accumulators, which are charged till 8 o'clock then about 10 hours ensure trouble-free operation of installation. It is possible to connect them to the networks of power supply. Illumination is economical, can work in the wide temperature range. The design is strong, plastic maintains temperature drops from-200 C and to +400 C. It is possible to install the equipment indoor and outdoor, weather conditions aren't an obstacle.

    Where LED spheres and cubes are applied?

    What is unusual in LED spheres and cubes? These are designs from high-strength plastic in which is located special LED illumination. The sizes and forms of installations can be various, they are made individually for each separate case. Cubes and spheres perfectly will be suitable for any night club, a modern interior of the shop and salon, for registration of a landscape. The atmosphere of an institution where similar installations are used becomes ultrafashionable and memorable.

    Where LED spheres and cubes are applied? They are demanded in:

    It is possible to buy LED installations of different function. Such designs are even more often applied as original and stylish furniture. In landscaping LED spheres and cubes can be used in various ways. Most often it is decor elements. For designs is provided special protection, they aren't afraid of a rain and snow, sharp temperature differences. The cost of the LED equipment depends on the sizes, complexity of the program. Stationary illumination of one color or dynamic is used most often.

    The “Gefest’’ company suggests to purchase LED spheres and cubes at optimum cost. They can accept any sizes, the price is attractive, if necessary the equipment can be leased. A model range is various, inexpensive and interesting.