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    Светодиодные сетки

    Светодиодные сетки в Москве

    The modern advertising industry aims to implement various novelties, energy saving technologies are welcomed. It is enough to acquire the equipment, to set it, to write content and it is possible to receive favorable result. Against the background of numerous novelties, LED reticles have the considerable energy efficiency. The screen reticle is formed from monochrome or color LEDs.

    LED screens allow making any action or the presentation bright and attractive to the audience. Today such reticles are applied as benchs, street screens, background panels of scenes.

    LED reticles – it is original and beneficial

    The LED reticle, which can be bought in different modification, sizes and characteristics, represents the effective tool of the advertising and media industry. Reticles are applied to design of presentation and exhibition benchs, club platforms, scenes. Such screens are considered to be economical and qualitative, the image is well visible even to thousand audience.

    Аренда светодиодных сеток в Москве

    The cost of a reticle depends on its size, but in case of any area viewing angle remains to the considerable, approximately to 140 degrees. LEDs are applied to compilation of the screen, the reticle remains flexible and easy, the visual effect turns out unusual. Weight of the construction is small, special preparation or application of a special frame isn't required. Weight on square meter of a surface is only 8 kg, for deployment of the screen and its mounting not such great efforts are required. It is also simple to transport construction.

    For demonstration of the image at first special content is ordered. It is developed taking into account all features of advertising campaign and customer's wishes. After installation of the screen it is required to connect the controlling unit, for the big areas special controllers are used in addition.

    Цена светодиодных сеток в Москве

    The price of the equipment is optimum, if necessary LED reticles can be leased for a certain term to cut down expenses on an action. Picking usually includes the screen, the managing block, content which is written down in advance, a set of communication cables which are required for connection.

    LED reticles-screens can be ordered of any configuration. The equipment can be monochrome, i.e. show the image of one color, or milticolor. Servicing and installation are simple, for installation is required not a lot of time. Usually it consists only of hanging of the flexible screen, its connection. Installation is possible indoor or outdoor, the image won't lose its quality. The visual effect and ease of perception are provided to visitors.