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    Светодиодные полы

    Светодиодные полы в Москве

    Interactive technologies are improved from year to year. Developers offer more and more functional novelties, they become demanded not only in advertising, but also in the entertaining industry. A LED floor is considered to be one of unique developments. Technically the system quite difficult, it is made only by the best experts.

    Why interactive LED floors are unusual? The system is executed from separate modules or includes an integral panel. Under a high-strength covering are set illuminations and sensors, which react to steps. When person walking on a floor, illumination changes, creating an attractive show. Interaction of system is provided with the Interactive system. The cost of installation pays off for a short period.

    Аренда светодиодных полов в Москве

     Design features

    LED floor is a design which can consist of separate modules or one block. The system of illumination is constituted depending on what effect is necessary. For example, it can be change of the color of cubes modules or reflection of fantastic circles. Logos and company names can be reproduced too. Content is developed by specialists individually.

    Basic element of a LED floor is illumination. The physical step of pixel is equal to 24,15-32,5 mm, it allows to create unusual images and effects, which will draw attention directly. The price depends on the complexity of a design and the developed content.

    Цена светодиодных полов в Москве

    The control on video floor is simple, it is carried out by means of the controlling special unit and the controller. To regulate system operation is possible in a real time mode, in case of desire it is possible to install the special program. Maintenance of the system doesn't differ in complexity.

    The “Gefest” company suggests buying LED floors of any modification. The design covering is strong, doesn't become covered by scratches over time, shatterproof. The standard surface is made of triplex. Interactivity of a floor is provided by means of system of sensors. The cost is calculated in an individual basis. Experts will execute not only production, but also installation, initial setup of the equipment.

    LED floors don't need difficult servicing or special processing. For hygiene the periodic wet cleaning is enough.Стоимость светодиодных полов в Москве