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    Светодиодные лампы и ленты

    Светодиодные лампы и ленты в Москве

    The modern technologies are become ingrained in our everyday lifes, novelties annually appear. These include LED stripes and lamps. Why they are more favorable than the analogs? LEDs provide brightness, saturation, attractiveness to the image, plus is energy saving. From them creates the real masterpiece of art worthy of emulation. Brightness of construction depends on a type of LEDs and their quantity. LED lamps and stripes are the excellent decision for creation of interior illumination, the organization of economical system of lighting.

    Аренда светодиодных ламп и лент в Москве

    LED lamps and stripes are an excellent finding of the advertising and entertaining industry. It is promoted by such advantages:

    LED stripes and lamps for the creative ideas

    Цена светодиодных ламп и лент в Москве

    Today it is possible to buy LED lamps and tapes of different type. Tapes are most demanded, they can be unary or double. Not only the customary narrow bands with diodes are issued, but also special protected, which can be used under conditions of the high level of humidity. Flexible tubes, multi-color tapes provide an excellent and qualitative color rendition.

    Where LED tapes and lamps can be used? Today it is possible to buy the various equipment, including the video walls equipped with LEDs. Systems of illumination are applied for steps, architectural elements. Special moisture protective tapes can be used in pools, in outdoor advertising, for benchs and signs.

    Стоимость светодиодных ламп и лент в Москве

    Color scale at light-emitting diodes is wide. The price of stripes is higher, than at regular systems, but they completely pay off for the shortest time. Low energy consumption is a powerful benefit before regular video walls and lamps, as big installations on the basis of light-emitting diodes allow optimizing costs, and regular screens - not. LED stripe service life in case of the correct installation and operation is over 10 years. Remote regulation of brightness and change of colors is possible.

    You can order LED stripes and lamps of various variations from us. Select, embody the ideas and admire the result!