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    Светодиодные экраны

    Светодиодные экраны в Москве

    Modern LED screens are used in many spheres, including advertising today. They allow submitting information in most effective way, having minimized costs. The LED screen completely conforms to all requirements, its form and the sizes are selected individually. Installation is possible indoor and outdoor. Regardless of the location, the image will differ in high quality. Media devices can function round the clock, showing advertising blocks in due time and with a certain frequency. There is an opportunity to establish running time, the number of displays.

    It is possible to order the LED screen of any size. The controlling unit, additional devices which make use of the screen more functional, are included in the package. The installation frame for mounting of modules is surely used. Each module has the dustproof and moisture proof casing. On its front face light-emitting matrixes, and inside – the controller unit with power supply are mounted. On the back panel connectors, handles for the carryings and indicators signaling on operability of the device are provided. All modules can be joined without visible loss of a step.

    The device is equipped with one of the specified types of light-emitting diodes:

    Model range

    Аренда светодиодных экранов в Москве

    LED screens can be classified on:

    In cluster each pixel contains from the 3 and more LEDs. They are integrated in the special light-intercepting case that is flooded by sealing composition. The forming clusters are fixed by screws on a front surface of a panel. By wires they are connected to the controlling board.

    Matrix models are more technological and gradually replace cluster. There clusters and a board are integrated in a uniform matrix.

    LED screens can be:

    LED modules in outdoor video screens are in the case which provides reliable protection against rainfall and temperature drops. The board sizes are usually big, they can be from 4х3 m and above. Modules gather with a step to 22, 30 or 38 mm.

    Indoor video screens are installed inside rooms, therefore they don't need protection against weather conditions. Their design is much simpler, the size of a board is usually small.

    Main benefits

    The LED screen is a volume electronic board where semiconductor light-emitting diodes are a light source. They have the required brightness and clearness, conduce an economical expense of the electric power. Benefits of use of LED devices can be described long, many companies already managed to appreciate all prospects of these models.

    Pluses of LED screens:

    Цена светодиодных экранов в Москве

    1. It is possible to establish the equipment both indoor and outdoor, squares, high rise buildings. LED screens can be mounted in any part of the city, they will work at the appointed time, providing the maximum effect.
    2. Information on the screen moves brightly and dynamically. It is considerably allocated even against the background of motley boards, easily and quickly remembered. Static banners and big designs with printed materials aren't so effective, and the bright screen draws directly attention. Any experienced marketing specialist will assure you that dynamic and static information is better remembered, it isn't so persuasive and banal. Even among city bustle such promotional and informational screen will be swept up.
    3. It is possible to broadcast a commercial video round the clock, the maximum number of prospective clients will be able to see it. The screen perfectly works not only in the evening and the night time, but also in the afternoon. Thanks to brightness of diodes, the image is well viewed from any corners and in bad weather.
    4. It is easy to manage the device. The special block or the computer allows changing quickly information, effects, to do texts. Moment of coordination of the image and its conclusion to the screen is minimum.
    5. There are no restrictions for a format of the demonsrated information. The type and font size is chosen randomly, it is possible imposing of objects at each other.
    6. The board can be increased without effort, at the same time joints won't be noticeable. To draw attention of audience, constitute the screen of an unusual configuration.
    7. Video screens are easily and quickly repaired. Any board in case of defect can be replaced.

    In general LED devices unite pluses of traditional outdoor advertising and television, but at the same time effectiveness is in many times better and costs are quickly minimized.

    Стоимость светодиодных экранов в Москве

    Sphere of use of the LED screen

    LED screen is applied rather widely today. It can be established indoors, outdoor, to use in combination with other methods and instruments of advertising. Submission of information turns out dynamic, bright, noticeable, it is available directly to large audience. There are many options of placement of screens set. It is possible to see them in receptions and in conference rooms of many companies, on squares, at exhibitions and during the big presentations. Information gives in a convenient type, it isn't necessary to strain sight to consider the image. Such screens don't interfere to the basic working processes indoors, they don't take a lot of place.

    These constructions can be seen on city streets, in the exhibition centers, in shops and entertaining institutions. They found the application and in educational institutions. Screens differ in the compact sizes, their weight is rather small. The media facade is created for the shortest time, quality turns out excellent at the same time.

    LED screens are a demanded means of outdoor advertising, ithey are successfully applied to promotion of a brand, sales increase.