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    How to make an advertising campaign bright and memorable? How to attract large audience, not only keeping its attention, but also to soft sell? It is worth paying attention on the cityformat. What the innovation it is and how it works?

    This is a special equipment for outdoor advertising. Cityformat is a sidewalk panel pylon on which working surface is displayed certain information. Pylons are put along the carriageway, sidewalks, around shops, shopping centers, public buildings. Thanks to the compact sizes, pylones can be put where standard billboards aren't pertinent.

    The cityformat, which is possible to purchase on the most advantageous conditions in the “Gefest”company, isn't limited only by pylones, flat curbstones with one and two working surfaces, designs of the small sizes, which are authorized for mounting along the carriageway, are also in demand. City-lights, as still call such models, are made from strong and durable materials, which maintain external impacts. The surface is closed by a transparent durable glass, which is steady against scratches. Also sheet polycarbonate or triplex is used. Inside of the lightbox the advertising carrier is located. That a design was perfectly noticeable in night-time, illumination is mounted inside. The LED systems differing in brightness and economic energy consumption are usually used.

    The model range of the cityformat

    The cost of lightboxes varies from the economy class to a premium. At us it is always possible to pick up model under your budget. Today it is possible to order such versions of the equipment:

    Lightboxes and pylones are usually mounted around the trade and exhibition centers, shops, public places. They perform function of informing buyers on the carried-out actions, new offers, events which will take place. Such advertising is unostentatious, it perfectly performs all its functions.

    Backlights and skrollers are mounted in places with big passability, for example, at the stops of public transport, stations, public institutions. They are perfectly noticeable, information on a working surface demonstrates in the most available and clear way. It is not only full, but also attractive, keeping the attention.

    Advantages of a cityformat

    Cityformat differs from other means of city outdoor advertising:

    Our managers are ready to help you to pick up model under a certain budget and requirements.