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    Neon signs and traditional billboards don't perform all functions incumbent to them any more, they are not only ineffective, but also are expensive. Minuses of these methods that they are persuasive, can cause irritation in audience. At the same time the attention is drawn, but not held. How to achieve the best result? Media facades can come to the rescue. What is it? Media facade is a system of illumination of buildings which is executed in the form of the big LED screen of a certain size and a form.

    What represents a media facade?

    It is the big LED screen, which is mounted on a building facade. The screen is colourful and interesting to perception. The image can be submitted even on big boards without loss of quality of broadcasting, the level of illumination doesn't matter. Powerful advantage is a profitability of system. Unlike other video walls which are used for outdoor advertising, LED screens consumes not much electric power.


    So how the media fa?ade, whic

    h can be bought at the optimum price of any complete set, works? The screen consists of separate diodes, each of which can render different colors. Density of diodes can be various, everything depends on the sizes and requirements to panel brightness. For management of system is used the compact block, in addition it is recommended to install the controller, which will allow to create unusual and impressive effects. Submission of the image can be carried out in any convenient way, usually it becomes by means of the computer.

    Costs of installation is minimum, installation of system takes not enough time. The service is simple, replacement of content can be made in real time mode, but it is also possible to use previously written down image. Video content can be followed by a sound. The price of a LED media facade depends on the sizes of the screen, need of installation of the additional control equipment. Anyway its cost quickly pays off, making profit literally from the first days of use.

    Advantages of a media facade

    What are the benefits of LED front systems? There are a lot of advantages:

    1. Screens are perfectly visible from far away, they are bright and attractive. Dynamically replaced image attracts views of passersby.
    2. Advertising isn't persuasive, it doesn't irritate,it is so important for forming of image of the company.
    3. Screens for 80% are transparent, they can be applied to facades of any buildings. In the daytime or in the switched-off condition, they don't cover architectural features of a structure. The weight of panels is small, special frameworks and the supporting systems aren't required.
    4. The image, which is displayed on the screen, can be various. Not only advertising offers and videos of a new product are broadcast, but also news, video clips, entertainment events, video broadcasts of interesting events which are available to general public.

    LED screens for outdoor advertising are the excellent choice, which will make profit, distinguish you from competitors, will create necessary image. The modern advertising carrier will be pertinent in urbanistic design of the megalopolis and provincial town. Today the “Gefest” company suggests to purchase media facades of any picking.