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    Гибкие светодиодные экраны

    Гибкие светодиодные экраны в Москве

    The advertising and media industry one of the first introduces novelties, for a reason advertising is called "the progress engine". One of perspective developments are flexible LED screens today. The design is formed from separate small modules, if necessary the screen can be increased or reduced. The weight of the panel is small, it is possible to mount practically everywhere. For their outward and flexibility this screens are called LED carpets.

    LED flexible screens: features and the advantages

    The “Gefest” company suggests to purchase this equipment for the organization of the presentations or exhibitions, for holding seminar, conference, any entertaining action today. A basis of a design is the module with two-layer conductors, which are easily and quickly connected. The special block is used to control system, content on a video wall demonstrates via the computer or other information carrier, if it is provided.

    Аренда гибких светодиодных экранов в Москве

    Productivity of system conforms to all standards, electric power expenses are minimum. Advantages are favorable and it is worth paying attention to them. The cost of the panel is slightly higher than analogs, but it quickly pays off. Today screens of this type are used successfully in such cases:

    displays for holding exhibitions and presentations;

    background video walls for registration of theatrical, concert scenes;

    effective screens for facades.

    Why the LED flexible screen is better than the standard one? It is easy to deliver and bring together on the place, time is spent minimum and the weight of the ready screen is small. There is no need for additional installation of the strengthening framework. All of this does the price of a video wall more favorable, plus energy consumption is minimum, and anyonecan cope wiyh its control.

    The size and form of the screen can be various, it is necessary to estimate installation conditions, to carry out measurements. If the system is intended for outdoor advertising, for installation on facades of buildings, then it is recommended to choose the protected models. The price will be a little higher, but panels can be used under any weather conditions. Despite the big sizes of the screen, the image turns out accurate, bright, realistic. It is possible to provide various visual effects which will draw attention of passersby.

    Today the “Gefest” company offers not only sale of LED flexible screens, but also its lease. Having chosen the equipment from our company, you can be sure of its quality and efficiency. With us it is always profitable and convenient!