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Бегущие строки

Бегущие строки в Москве

Crawling lights are effective, quite popular promotional and informational tool, which is used today rather widely. Crawling lights are a LED board of a different configuration. The most often used information models, where broadcast of date, time, air temperature, currency rates are possible. Even more often such boards are established in public places, the trade and exhibition centers. On a board is demonstrated information about sales, new goods. In vehicles LED boards are used as indexes.

Аренда бегущих строк в Москве

Features and advantages of crawling lights

The equipment can be of any form and size. Not only the simplest options are used for demonstration of one and two lines, but also more difficult models with a conclusion of text and graphic information. Today LED boards are applied as excellent and convenient indexes, plates with names, stands and signs.

The buyer usually is chose the contrast color of light-emitting diodes that information was perfectly noticeable in the day time. On sale there are running lines of blue, white, orange, red color. Information on them is perfectly noticeable from far away, in management they are simple. For demonstration of inscriptions are used light-emitting diodes, they are characterized by the color rendition brightness, durability and due profitability.

Цена бегущих строк в Москве

It is possible to buy various options of lines:

  1. Monochrome boards of one color. Are usually applied as indexes, their price is small.
  2. Color lines which are formed from light-emitting diodes of different colours.
  3. Full-color boards, amount of colors and shades is closer to 16 million.

The last option is more often applied in the advertising industry. The cost of the equipment is optimum, if necessary it is possible to order running lines for rent. Similar boards are in demand in vehicles, at stations, public places. Besides, indexes and plates are placed on show-windows of shops and cafes, restaurants, theaters. Any information can be displayed on them, management is extremely simple and quick. All equipment has excellent protection, it can be used as the promotional and informational carrier indoor and outdoor. The board has protection against wind, rain and snow, sharp and strong temperature drops, other negative impacts aren't terrible for it.

It is possible to learn in more detail about acquisition of crawling lights at our managers.