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    Аптечные кресты

    Аптечные кресты в Москве

    Outdoor advertising considerably differs today from traditional signs which were popular several years ago. Any advertising has to be not only laconic and contain useful information, but also to be distinguishable in urban conditions, to fit into architectural features of the area. The big share of outdoor advertising is the share of indicating panels and signs, indexes of sales outlets. Among our clients also pharmaceutical crosses are in demand. They are bright, laconic, well noticeable at any time.

    Usually information on a drugstore operating mode is output to a board in addition. It draws attention of passersby, raises image. Information is used not only text (about discounts and new offers), but graphics too.

    Аренда аптечных крестов в Москве

    Variety of a model range

    The “Gefest” company suggests to buy pharmaceutical crosses of various look. Their cases are made of high-strength materials. Aluminum or special plastic, which with a small weight perfectly maintain any loadings, including temperature differences, excessively high humidity, snow, ice areusually used. The background for crosses traditionally is chosen white, it is associated with drugstores. The image can be red or green color. This option is considered to be the most optimum, the buyer shouldn't surch a drugstore for a long time. It is recommended to do signs portable on arms, with bright illumination. To the offered models stressed conditions, temperature differences from - 30o With to +50o aren't terrible.

    Цена аптечных крестов в Москве

    The model range of signs is wide, it includes:

    1. Unilateral or bilateral signs. The simplest option is unilateral pharmaceutical crosses which cost isn't so big. They are usually used for a fixture on show-windows and doors, rarer – on portable arms. Bilateral signs are volume, they have the image from two sides, are applied for installation on portable arms. Such crosses are perfectly visible from far away. For them are provided systems of illuminations that they could be noticed in night-time.
    2. Various sizes of signs. Today in urban conditions best of all to apply signs with sizes of 400-1200 mm. It is possible to order models with the parameters of 900*900 mm, 700*700 mm, 500*500 mm. All of them will be perfectly noticeable from far away, especially if to establish bright LED illumination. For strengthening of the effect, illumination becomes dynamic.
    3. The system of illumination of pharmaceutical crosses may differ. Today models with neon and LED illumination are offered. The choice depends on what will be design features of a sign. The best option is the system on the basis of light-emitting diodes. Pharmaceutical crosses with statnamic effects are popular.

    Today it is possible to pick up various models, their price will depend on design parameters. Having addressed to the “Gefest” company, you receive the modern, high-quality advertising carrier which in the shortest possible time will provide profitability and involvement of the new buyers.