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    Air spheres

    Воздушные сферы в МосквеProjection advertising is the leader among other innovative tools. It allows solving complex marketing challenges, where traditional methods are not always effective. Projection equipment allows conveying essential information to a large audience in an available and easy form, with no special costs.

    The projection sphere is considered to be one of the efficient tools. It's lightweight construction from a special fabric with the air inside. Inside or outside of the sphere are mounted multimedia projectors, and they project the dynamic image on a surface. Air spheres are ideal for outdoor advertising.

    Projective sphere – easy and effective

    Стоимость воздушных сфер в МосквеImage advertising differs from the others in the fact that it makes the product recognizable, increases its level of credibility. The projective video sphere is one of the best tools for creation an unforgettable show and attracting a large audience. The advertising information does not cause negative emotions, it is easily remembered. That is why air video spheres are popular for promotion of a new brand.

    For making an advertising campaign large-scale, you just select the location and set construction with pre-prepared content. You can carry the equipment by road, unladen it does not take much place. After delivering the sphere is filled with air, then install projectors. There is no need in additional supports and other structures. The angle of view in case of turning on of the equipment constitutes 360 degrees, i.e. the image will be perfectly visible from any side. 

    Video spheres are appropriate to use for the organization of various events:


    Аренда воздушных сфер в Москве

    Sphere projection immediately will become a central element of any event. Especially effective are constructions that are established on water. Pavilions are interesting for spectators too; they accomodate about one hundred visitors. Mobility, low cost and high level of efficiency – all this is about multispheres with the opportunity of demonstration a dynamic and realistic image.

    Specifications and maintenance

    Projection advertising is very popular among entrepreneurs today. It is connected not only with its efficiency, but also with simplicity of installation, easy servicing. The main element of such systems is a multimedia projector; it submits the image on the screen. The video is deep, bright and clear, perfectly visible from a distance to hundreds and thousands of visitors.

    Цена воздушных сфер в Москве

    Air spherical screens are an O-shaped construction with a system of projectors and installation for air supply. The content is projected on a fabric cover; it is perfectly visible from all sides.  Keep in mind: spheres are not recommended for use in windy weather. Projectors should be laser or multimedia with a high level of resolution.

    Spheres are delivered in folded form, for transportation the car suffices. Assembly is fast, tension wires for construction are not applied, as well as difficult massive pillars. In fact, it is the sphere from a durable and thin fabric with a small weight, which gaining the necessary form, when the unit is filled with air. Inside or outside are installed projectors which demonstrates image to the fabric shell.


    The diameter of the spheres may be different; everything depends on an installation site, purpose of a sphere. The minimum diameter is 5-6 m, but there are a large-format constructions about 20-25 m. Today you can order video spheres in the form of pavilions, where can be placed about one hundred visitors.

    Appointment options for projective spheres
    For the installation of video spheres are required:


    Benefits of projective spheres

    Video spheres have a substantial list of advantages:

    Projective spheres are modern and unique advertising tool. The image on the surface is clear and high quality, it is perfectly visible in night-time. If the system will be operated during the day, then you will need an installation of laser projectors.  Multispheres are ideal for decoration of trendy event projects, creation large-scale panoramic visualizations. At customer’s request, managers  of "Gefest" company will develop suitable content, will create additional special effects.

    The cost and types
    Project title

    Cost, rub., incl. VAT

    Projection sphere 10 m 10 922 646
    Projection sphere 15 m 15 035 202
    Projection sphere 18,5 m 15 697 629
    Projection sphere 25 m 19 035 029
    Rent of projection spheres
    The size of the projection sphere 1 day 3 days 7 days
    Projection sphere 25 m 6 854 298 7 448 347 8 904 011
    Projection sphere 18,5 m 5 710 316 6 218 183 7 913 902
    Projection sphere 16,7 m 5 305 646 5 856 850 7 556 669
    Projection sphere 15 m 4 653 869 5 144 147 6 071 116
    Projection sphere 10 m 4 081 673 4 542 185 5 320 570
    Projection sphere 6 m 2 975 821 3 272 866 3 911 523