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    Virtual Promoter

    The cost of virtual promoter in MoscowThe virtual promoter is the unique development which changed understanding about what shall be modern advertiisng. On functionality – it is the high-technology module which is run by the powerful computer, external – the upgraded screen repeating human’s contour.

    The virtual promoter is considered to be the innovative equipment, which allows presenting the product from a new angle. It can be used in organization of such activities as:

    The virtual promoter will be appropriate in educational institutions, during lectures and forums. Today this unusual employee can be seen in the airports, museums, shopping malls with increasing frequency.

    The lease of virtual promoters in Moscow

    Principle of operation

    Do you need original and exceptional equipment for running an advertising campaign? Then the Virtual promoter is exactly what you need. It causes keen interest and provides with servicing ease. Outwardly, the promoter looks like a compact stand with a projective equipment and the transparent acryl screen, made in the form of a human silhouette. The special film of back projection is applied on the panel; it also provides the clearness and a saturation of the image. On the back side of the stand audio-visual equipment is established. On the front side of the screen content is demonstrated by multimedia projector.

    The virtual promoter in Moscow

    After turning on of the equipment, the figure of the girl or young man, animated character appears on the screen. Complete imitation of real-life communication is created, that attracts directly to itself about 70% of audience. At any exhibition such virtual stand becomes the central object of attention. Ease of use and popular form of data submission delivers a boost of sales under economic costs on purchase or lease of the virtual promoter.

    Equipment batching

    The price of the virtual promoter in MoscowThe interactive promoter can have several pickings and expanded functionality. Installation is carried out in the shortest possible time; independent setup of the equipment is possible. External the model represents a case; it can be transported on the car. For installation of the small exhibition stand half an hour is enough. The batching is selected individually.

    The standard model of the virtual promoter includes:

    Depending on appointment, picking can be changed. Most often such employee is applied as the independent exhibition stand, but it is possible to use it for one-time actions. It will be convenient to use centralized management in this case.

    The virtual promoter is an ideal worker who carries out all duties unquestionably. He attracts new visitors, keeps their attention and unostentatiously induces to make the next purchase.

    The advantages of the virtual promoter

    The virtual promoter, lease or purchase of which is more profitable than the old-fashioned advertising methods, has a whole range of advantages:

    1. The virtual promoter absolutely doesn’t need rest, days off, dinner time. It is always ready to work and has no a bad mood. Products or service are represented in full accordance with the planned advertising campaign, video content records previously taking into account all requirements of the customer.
    2. The virtual employee shouldn't pay a salary, he doesn't need training. An advertising campaign can be started directly as soon as content is written down. If it is necessary, it can be easily and quickly replaced.
    3. The profit doesn't need to be divided, the virtual employee doesn't ask compensation, cost recovery for work, the spent time, training. Quality of work remains to the highest at the same time.
    4. For the audience the virtual promoter is a convenient method of reception of the information. It is presented quickly and precisely, in attractive way to the client. Unusual submission of information on service or goods draws directly attention to itself, the visitor aims to listen to it up to the end. According to researches, such unostentatious form of giving information allows to increase profitability approximately by 60-80% in the shortest possible time after use.
    5. The way that employee looks is always perfect, his speech competent, and a form of presenting the information is available and interesting.
    6. The virtual promoter is an excellent PR-move, a method of building an audiences trust.

    Of course, completely to replace the real-life communication with implementation only of the interactive promoter it won't turn out, but virtual assistant will be able to hook, carry away, provide better necessary information, to increase amount of potential audience. Picking of model can be added with the branded box, special options for installation in noisy rooms with big passability. In case of desire, the equipment can be added with special motion sensors. Then the promoter will be able to turn on when sensors fix the entering person. The client will get the sense of individual communication.

    The virtual promoter is a great assistant in business development and holding advertising campaigns. The purchase costs quickly pay off and the results encourages.

    Price, rub included VAT

    The virtual promoter, “Light” configuration More »

    110 000

    The virtual promoter, “Standard” configuration More »

    160 000

    The virtual promoter, “Premium” configuration More »

    210 000

    The virtual promoter, “Premium interactive” configuration More »

    250 000

    The virtual promoter, “Touch Premium” configuration More »

    350 000

    The virtual promoter, “Premium Compact” configuration More »

    350 000


    Daily lease cost, rub included VAT
    Number of days 1-3 days 4-7 days 7-14 days 30 days over 30 days
    The virtual promoter
    15 000
    12 000
    10 000
    5 000
    The virtual promoter
    (interactive version)
    17 000
    15 000
    13 000
    7 000
    Agreed cost