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    Projective showcase

    The projection shop-window in MoscowThe projective advertising in media industry is applied not so long ago and is the complete opposite of the old methods. It makes it easy to achieve impressive results even in the face of stiff competition and oversaturation of the market. New technologies not only attract the audience, but also increase the level of trust of a potential buyer.

    The advantages of modern projective show-window

    The projection advertising allows creating clear and accurate image on any surface. Especially popular are projective shop-windows which installed in the stores, salons as bright information board. The innovative technology confidently gaining a leading place among the other innovations.

    1. The lease of projective shop-windows in MoscowThe shop-window’s external view attracts the attention and the researches have proved that the visitor at first pays attention to the bright cover, and only after - to the content.
    2. About 60-70% of the visitors definitely stop to see the dynamic image in the shop-window. Not a single promotional tool that was used before, could not give such a result as projective equipment.
    3. Implementation of projective show-windows proves that the company is competitive, and able to use modern and high-quality tools for achievement its goals.
    4. The level of credibility of buyers increases, information is provided to them in a convenient and unostentatious way that is so important for the correct and positive perception.
    5. Any brand can be promoted in the shortest time, ensuring excellent quality and high result.
    6. Expenses on advertising campaign optimum, there is no need in order expensive and difficult in maintenance equipment, installation and setup are made as fast as possible.
    7. The first results of use can be seen already in a couple of hours after switching on the system in stores or salons.
    8. The projection on the wall or shop-window would not go unnoticed. Advertising gets not only informative but image-building status too.

    The price of projection shop-window in Moscow Projection shop-windows in action

    Using the projection shop-window is profitable and beneficial. The innovative technology differs from others due to the following reasons:

    1. The cost of equipment is low; today it is possible not only to buy but to rent a projection shop-window at the best price.
    2. There is a possibility of creationof non-standard shop-windows, which appearance and features will fully fit for the location of the equipment, peculiarities of its exploitation.
    3. Projective shop-window will work great in any lighting. It does not matter natural or artificial light surrounds the equipment, the image still remains bright and clear.
    4. The price of projective shop-window in MoscowThe equipment can be supplemented with useful features that will only increase the level of efficiency. These include timers, motion sensors, flash-based interface and more.
    5. Installation and setup are simple; operation also doesn't require special experience or knowledge. Information on a surface of the showcase is supplied with special equipment; in an inactive state on the screen may be demonstrated a logo image.

    The projective shop-window differs with high-quality of image even in basic configuration:

    Additionally the projection shop-window can be equipped with motion detectors. When no one is around, on the surface of the shop-window may be displayed a company’s logo, product image or the screen stays transparent. When in the field of action of the sensors gets a visitor, the system activates and the image appears on the screen. The installed Interactive system provides an opportunity to the user to interact with the content. All this attracts visitors; makes interaction with the customer mutually beneficial.

    What should be considered at the order?

    The projection window can be manufactured in accordance with individual customer needs. The cost will depend on the size of the additional equipment, the selected functionality. At the order of a show-window are considered:

    Projective show-windows can be used for shops, the trade and exhibition centers, salons, in the museums and public places. It is the effective tool which will help to increase in the shortest possible time effectiveness of work, to increase profit level and optimize costs.

    The projection window shop, nominal-standard solution
    Cost, rub included VAT

    INDOOR: screen 1m*0,7m More »

    107 500

    INDOOR: screen 2m х 1,5m More »

    230 500

    INDOOR: screen 3m х 2m More »

    449 000

    OUTDOOR: screen 1m х 0,7m More »

    107 500

    OUTDOOR: screen 2m х 1,5m More »

    242 500

    OUTDOOR: screen 3м х 2м Подробнее »

    624 000


    Lease of a projective shop-windows(rub included VAT)
    Number of days For the 1st day For the 2d and afterdays
    For the 2d and afterdays 25 000 12 500
    Rectangle. 150*112cm. Panel of back projection. Projector 4500 AnsiLm. Size 4:3 25 000 12 500
    Rectangle. 150*200cm. Panel of back projection. Projector 6000 AnsiLm. Size 4:3 30 000 15 000
    Rectangle. 3000*200cm. Panel of back projection. Projectors 9000 AnsiLm. Size 4:3 45 000 22 500
    Rectangle. 3000*200cm. Film of back projection 3M VIKUITI - maximum quality and image contrast. Projectors 9000 AnsiLm. Size 4:3 60 000 30 000