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    Projective installations

    In advertising activities projective installations are applied with success today. They are relevant to holding various actions, presentations. They are demanded in the educational sphere, medicine, municipal services and architecture. The field of use of the projective equipment is so extensive that it is possible to tell safely about its penetration in everyday life. Often we don't even notice that we deal with such technologies, but without them life won't be such comfortable any more. That particular is considered by the advertising industry, it constantly offers developments, which are most convenient for public.

    How the virtual promoter works?

    The “Gefest” company offers to the clients various projective installations. The brightest representative is the virtual promoter. This is an employee of the future, the projective innovative development which overmastered the market. External it is the transparent panel, on which a multimedia projector demonstrates bright and realistic image. In case of inclusion it seems that this is a person, who tells about benefits of service or a product. Actually it is a content, which is written down previously and possibilities of the high-technology equipment.

    The established sensors allow performing interactive interaction. Such dynamic promoter won't be tired, its speech is competent and accurate, and the visitor will receive that amount of information, which is necessary for him. Today many companies already managed to estimate all opportunities, given by virtual promoters. The sphere of use is considerable, today the virtual employee is irreplaceable for the presentations and exhibitions, the museums, the state and educational institutions as an information system.

    Projective show-windows

    Projective technologies allow making from a regular show-window or a glass partition the effective and bright screen, which is interesting to clients, for the shortest time. The projective show-window is the productive advertising tool, it is applied usually in trade points, in salons, the trade and exhibition centers. The conducted researches showed that already in a couple of hours after the beginning of its use, the profit of shop increases by a half, usually the surplus reaches 70%. Do you want to try? Specialists of “Gefest” will quickly establish a projective show-window, will write down high-quality content. You will need only to admire result of operation of the device.

    How the projective show-window works? On a regular glass or the acrylic panel the special film of the return projection is pasted. The established projector submits the image on a surface, which differs in reality, brightness, incredibly high quality. The background isn't visible to visitors; it seems that the image literally soars in the air and it supports nothing. The effect turns out impressive and productive. Many visitors stop to see advertising and then make the decision on acquisition of a product. From features of such technology it should be noted also that it is image. The projective film is applied to video walls, projective cubes and other objects.

    Benefits of use of projective systems

    Advantages of innovative developments are quite wide. They allow expanding a framework of advertising campaigns, to make many spheres of life more convenient. Among such advantages it is possible to note:

    Projection for advertising is the bright tool, which perfectly competes to other analogs. It is possible to say, that behind projections is the future of all advertising industry, as without bright and dynamic images any stand will be boring and absolutely useless.

    Highlight of technology is that it is possible to use even in the bright sunny day. The projection on the screen turns out accurate, well distinguishable. Any other system doesn't provide similar result.