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    The entertaining industry is the best platform for realization of the creative ideas. Robotron treats their number. The robot is intelligent, can communicate with users in several languages, he dances and sings.

    Technical features of Robotron

    Robotron is a modern miracle of the equipment, the giant growth in 3 m. The richest set of functions, unique appearance, bright opportunities – all this draws attention of audience. Modern Robotron – the perspective project which is applied to holding various actions including advertising campaigns. Any show will become unforgettable, won't so often see how the titan dances, sings, answers questions. The robothrone knows 3 languages, it can imitate about 100 intonations of a voice. He can have fun and long, is able to joke with the interlocutors.

    It is possible to try all its opportunities only if you address to the “Gefest” company. Our managers will acquaint you with technical characteristics of the giant, will show its work and will help to arrange the profitable order.

    Sphere of use of Robotron

    The equipment perspective and memorable, intended for application in such areas:

    1. The advertising and media industry always the first approves innovations. It is the engine of progress which sets the big scientific and technical sphere in motion. The robot the Titan became one of innovations which was initially used for advertising though today the robotized mechanisms you can see almost everywhere. Where it is possible to apply the intelligent robot? These are various exhibitions and the presentations, promotional actions.
    2. Promotion actions will be more productive if part in them is taken by the unusual employee. Such action will fix directly to itself a set of eyes, on it will try to get. The represented product or service will become popular because will be information on what advertizes this intelligent Robot.
    3. Services of many companies will begin to seem brighter and profitable if the intellectual giant is engaged in their advertising . The unique 3-meter robot will be the central character of any show. For example, not so long ago the robothrone was involved during the action devoted to anniversary of postal service. The unusual show brought together around itself not only children, but also adults. Long spoke about this event, shared impressions on social networks.
    4. The intelligent robot can become irreplaceable and for corporate actions and evenings. Bright shows promote forming of a positive image of the company not only among the employees, but also among partners, large audience of buyers.
    5. The show with participation of the robot is the best idea which perfectly is suitable for modern projects, concert representations, anniversary actions.

    For what audience Robotron is designed? In this case it is impossible to tell unambiguously. With confidence it is only possible to note that not only children, but also adults with pleasure will watch the clever robot, to talk to him, to listen to his jokes. Nobody will be able to remain indifferent from communication with intellectual Robotron.

    Benefits of Robotron-show: this project is completely exclusive, it is interesting to audience, promotes forming of a positive image of the company. The robot is unique the fact that he has an opportunity to conduct a conversation, to remember the interlocutors possesses and to recognize them. Many with pleasure participate in a playful and cheerful conversation with the giant.

    If necessary it is possible to use in addition various options which will expand functionality of the titan, will make its use more effective. Modern robot titan – a unique opportunity to be allocated among competitors, to strengthen own line items in the market.

    Modern advertising and Robotron

    Why Robotron began to be applied to the largest actions and advertising campaigns? In the territory of the Russian Federation it is still an innovation, the three-meter robot is provided in the single copy still. It means that any show with its participation – a rarity. Visitors on an action will be more and anyone, who at least once saw the robot in operation, will want to look at it more.

    The amicable team of skilled experts works on programming of system and record of content. The program of a performance is discussed in advance, all her features, the customer's wishes, use of other technological novelties and systems are considered. Prior to the show the giant can meet visitors at an entrance, enticing them, keeping attention. With him it will be possible to dance, sing songs. Could it be that you didn't want to get acquainted closer with this unusual employee now?

    Today Robotron has managed to become the main figure of the Russian day of marketing, the Festival of technologies, developments and achievements, he has visited Birthday of post service of St. Petersburg. Development was used for a number not of such large-scale projects, but steadily drew attention.

    It is possible to order Robotron in the “Gefest” company in Moscow. Experienced specialists will show in operation this miracle of a technical and scientific thought, will acquaint with all its opportunities. The sea of a positive and unforgettable impressions is provided to you. It is possible to lease the robot on any action, the individual program of its actions will be constituted previously, all wishes are considered. The cost and a lease term – are profitable, at the same time the price will quickly pay off. Managers of the “Gefest” company with pleasure will provide all necessary information concerning hire and operation of the intelligent robot.