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    Кинект в Москве

    Kinect technology – is innovative solution, which came from entertainment and games industry into the advertising and media industry. Initially, the Kinect was used by SONY for installation on the XBOX game console. Technology immediately found its fans, because the direct interaction of the image and user by usual movements has not been used yet. Kinekt immediately interested and the other market players, including cinematograph and advertising companys.

    Today the Kinect is actively used in various fields including exhibitions and presentations, auctions, seminars, forums. The Kinect system allows you to control the image with only one gesture, and there is not necessary to touch the screen, you can stay at a certain distance from him. It is enough to be in the coverage area of the sensors then the control on-screen information became available. The technology is so simple that it can use even a child. It does not require special costs; the installation of such advertising-exhibition stand quickly pays itself.

    Аренда кинекта в Москве

    How does the Kinekt technology, without which today can not do almost any of the interactive projection stands? It is a system of sensors and a control unit, which recognizes gestures of the user, the multimedia content on the screen is changed without touching its surface. The system response is instant, the user does not notice any pauses.

    During installation are used special sensors that track hands motion. The analyzing unit reads the data, changes applied to the screen image. Created a full simulation, that by user’s manipulations the video content is changed. You can achieve the illusion of turning pages, the object transfering, displaying the new information, zooming, rotationing objects, and drawing. Operation is extremely simple and intuitive – that is what attracts visitors. If it is necessary, the system can be supplemented with several options.

    The Kinect system provides several options for video content management:

    Стоимость кинекта в МосквеConstructional features

    The Kinect equipment is compact. There is a small box in the horizontal plane on the top of the screen or from the bottom. Its size is usually 23*4 cm, from the side it is hardly noticeable. The control unit has 2 depth sensor, microphone array, a multicolor camera with high-resolution. Special proprietary software provides three-dimensional recognition of gestures, voice and even facial expressions. Microphone allows you to localize the sound source; there is a noise reduction system, excluding the use of headphones or a separate microphone.

    IR projector is planned. It is combined with a CMOS-matrix and it is possible to recognize three-dimensional images, what is more, the light level does not matter. For depth calibration is used automatic sensor. It responds quickly to changing surrounding conditions, for example, shifting of the furniture, the movement of people.

    The Kinect calculates, analyzes movement, and then changes the content depending on the result. There are several sensors in the system: infrared sensors to literally feel the surrounding space, and the monochrome data is for transferring into a three-dimensional projection, tracking movement and gestures inside it. Among such sensors there is a camera with the users’ facial recognition. It can be used for capturing images, conducting shooting. The camera has separate servos. It automatically takes the exactly position that is needed for optimal working conditions.

    How does the Kinect? During the movement of the user, sensor is reading information. It spends about 10% of the total processing capacity of the equipment. The obtained data are transmitted to the control unit, it analyzes the information, sends a signal to the modification of the content projected on the screen. The obtained data are transmitted to the control unit, it analyzes the information, sends a signal to the modification of the content, projected on the screen. The working principle of the Kinect can be compared with the device of the distance gauge, where the infrared sensor analyzes the space, and then creates a three-dimensional model.

    The range of use of Kinekt

    It is fairly wide range. It is not only entertainment and advertising-media industry, but also education, cinematograph, marketing.

    Kinekt - the equipment has the following focus:


    For quality and clear work of Kinekt equipment you need to prepare:


    Interactive system Kinekt – is universal development. The ability to interact directly with the image, simple operation and wide possibilities – all this attracts audiences, increases sales, allows promoting a brand in the shortest time.

    * The cost of installations based on this technology is individual and calculated by engineers based on the tasks.