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    Interactive promoter

    Interactive promoter, which went on sale not long ago, is an imitation of a hired employee. For smooth operation of equipment is in charge a powerful projector and screen of back projection. Interactive employee is able to provide information about the product, interact with the audience, quickly responding to movement of users, their requests about explicit data.

    The purpose of an interactive promoter

    The system is fail-safe, it can work during the day, providing required information to the client. It is possible direct communication between man and videomodel. The visitor can quickly get the answer to his question, it is enough to touch a specific area on the video panel. You can buy or to rent this high-tech equipment in the "Gefest" company.

    Interactive promoters are used for such purposes:

    What is the interactive promoter?

    Virtual promoter, the price of which is very attractive, will allow saving on the costs of organizing the advertising or presentation of a new product. Why the interactive promoter is convenient? It is compact equipment, which contains control unit and the speakers for supplying synchronized sound. On the foundation installed transparent panel of a man's height or less.

    The screen-panel is made of glass or special high strength acrylic, on which surface is applied the film of back projection with anti-reflective coating. Installed multimedia projector translates the image on the panel. After you turn it on, visitors will see the incredibly clear and three-dimensional simulation of a real person.

    High performance

    Today it is possible to order the virtual promoter at an attractive price. It should be noted the advantages of using this novelty:

    Today the "Gefest" company offers you a unique opportunity to purchase or rent a virtual promoter, which will make any event profitable and bright. The cost of the equipment is optimal, standard equipment can be supplemented with a set of necessary functions. All expenses to the promoter will have been covered in the nearest future; the profit will start to grow quickly.

    Interactive promoter (prices in rubles, incl. VAT)

    Interactive promoter Equipment batching
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    165 000

    Interactive promoter Equipment batching
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    220 000

    * The cost of video content creation for the "Dynamic promoter" is 30 000 rubles. Duration 3 minutes;

    * The cost of video content creation for the "Dynamic promoter. Interactive" is 35 000 rubles. Duration 3 minutes;

    Installation, delivery, start-up operations - for free.

    Production time – 10 business days

    Interactive promoter (prices in rubles per day, incl. VAT)
    The number of days 1-3 days 4-7 days 7-14 days 30 days over 30 days
    Interactive promoter 17 000 15 000 13 000 7 000 дог.