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    Interactive tables

    The interactive table allows solving a number of tasks, including marketing. The image of the company is increased, as well as the level of credibility, because only self-confident organization can apply the latest developments, steadily growing on the market.Интерактивный стол в Москве

    How does the interactive table work?

    ITable is one of the latest developments on the market. This device is convenient; it allows to manage content with just a touch. It has intuitive interface. Such table will be appropriate at any meeting, during the presentation of the new poject or a product. Also I-table is used in the printing-office. ITable can be applied to carrying out TV show, during the organization of the entertaining parties and events.

    What is an iTable? This is interactive equipment, on the top of which information is displayed. The table structure consists of the following elements:

    Цена интерактивного стола в МосквеMultitouch screen can be placed in different positions:

    Application field of the technology i-Table

    The multi-touch table can be used in various situations. It's a great promotional tool that can become indispensable at any exhibition or presentation. With increasing frequency the iTable can be seen in the museums. They allow you to get acquainted with future events, see a map of the exhibition, to view the videos.

    The sphere of use of the interactive table with touch surface is wide:

    1. Стоимость интерактивного стола в Москвеevents, exhibitions, presentations. These tables are used as stands; they are convenient for the broadcasting information. You can see all information about the product, current deals and promotions, discounts, conditions of the order. Maximum ease of use, colorful image, and the availability of relevant information – all this makes i-table one of the most effective tools.
    2. Interactive tables are increasingly seen in offices and reception areas of many companies and organizations. They provide visitors the opportunity to receive any necessary information, time-table and visiting hours, to learn new suggestions of the product or service. The company only needs to update the content. For convenience the remote access option is provided.
      ITable equipment is used in nightspots, it is popular in the bars, night clubs, restaurants. The visitor can not only get information about upcoming events and special offers, but also in just one touch order a drink or meal, to choose the menu and time for the event or meeting. iTable can become a business card of the public place, increase attendance and profits in the shortest time. These establishments will be visited much better, competitors will remain way behind
    3. Интерактивный стол iTableСенсорные столы применяются особенно активно в банках, автосалонах, отелях. Это повышает уровень обслуживания, взаимодействия клиента и поставщика услуг. Посетителю требуется просто выбрать тип услуги нажатием на рабочую мультитач поверхность, после чего на iTable выводится вся необходимая информация в полном объеме.
    4. iTables are used most actively in banks, showrooms, hotels. This increases the service level,  interaction between customer and service provider. The visitor just select the service type by clicking on the working multi-touch surface, then iTable displays all necessary information in full.
    5. Interactive tables are use in design bureaus, design studios, printing houses, agencies for the sale of luxary property. Quality of customer service becomes better, level of confidence and the reputation of the institution grows. The iTable fit the bill, they are modern, comfortable and easy to use.

    If it’s necessary, you can order additional options:

    The advantages of the technology iTable

    The iTable has such advantages:

    ith this equipment reliably, comfortable and effectively!

    iTables (in rubles, incl. VAT)
      Cost Rent for 1 day Rent for 2 days Rent for the exhibition
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Evolution 42
    DEDAL Evolution 42" multitouch 6
    160 000 18 000 27 000 36 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Air 42
    DEDAL Air 42" multitouch 10
    250 000 20 000 30 000 40 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Stone Air 42
    DEDAL Stone Air 42" multitouch 10
    270 000 20 000 30 000 40 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL W55
    DEDAL W55" multitouch 10
    300 000 30 000 45 000 60 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 42
    DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 42" multitouch 10
    270 000 18 000 27 000 36 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 46
    DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 46" multitouch 10
    285 000 20 000 30 000 40 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 50
    DEDAL STONE PRESENTER 50" multitouch 10
    350 000 20 000 30 000 40 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL MINI
    130 000 13 000 19 500 26 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Ассистент 32
    DEDAL Ассистент 32" multi touch 6
    190 000 15 500 23 250 31 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Ассистент 42
    DEDAL Ассистент 42" multi touch 6
    230 000 18 000 27 000 36 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Ассистент 55
    DEDAL Ассистент 55" multi touch 10
    350 000 29 000 43 500 58 000
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL Progressive 46
    DEDAL Progressive 46”
    290 000 - - -
    Интерактивный стол DEDAL BLACK GLASS 42
    550 000 - - -