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    Interactive bar

    Интерактивный бар в МосквеAre you searching not only modern, but also original equipment? Do you want your restaurant was the standard of style, an example to follow? Then multi-touch bar is a good investment. Interactive multitouch bar is a convenient bar counter, the surface of which turns into a bright and attractive screen.

    Interactive bar can be used for the following purposes:

    Interactive bar in action

    Аренда интерактивного бара в Москве

    What is an interactive bar? In terms of design, this is a bar that can take any size and shape. The surface is turned into a large multi-touch screen with the possibility of interaction with the user. The body frame is made of high-strength materials, on its surface applied logos, additionally installed illumination system. It can be made of high strength plastic, wood or aluminum. The outward of the construction can be made in full accordance with the wishes of the customer.

    The upper panel of the interactive bar is a multi-touch screen, which made of durable and impact-resistant materials. It is equipped with a special multi-touch frame and projectors for feeding the image. On the surface of the strut in the inactive state can be displayed stationary or dynamic image, floral design, logos, abstract patterns. When you touch the surface with your hand or put some objects, its changes. For example, around the glass may appear unusual and beautiful ornament, divergent water circles. If the bottom of the glass or plate is labeled with a special mark, then when you touch the bar's surface may be displayed the name of the drink or product. The ibar system allows you to make quick order. A visitor just opens menu on the screen, and then by a couple of simple and easy gestures can order exactly what he needs.

    Стоимость интерактивного бара в Москве

    Modern ibar: the advantages of the technology

    Today, many companies can saw value in all the benefits of using this innovative technology.

    Principle operation of i-bar is simple. The audience is always attracted by everything new and unusual, the original, convenient in use. The ibar system will not remain unnoticed by even the most skeptical visitor. First look will attract bright, rapidly changing images on the surface. With a fingertip control on the surface appears water surface or fantastic patterns. Clients, who at least once had the opportunity to use the functionality of the i-bar, returns over and over again.

    Spheres of application of i-bar:

    1. Night clubs and bars, where the bar becomes a magnet for new customers. Visitors coming to the stand, remain near it, to see all its capabilities. Bright and dynamic picture, well-written content stimulates to place an order. Such bar counters helps to reduce staff costs, the visitor can familiarize itself with the menu.
    2. Multitouch bars increasingly being used in the strip bars nowadays. The casing and the surface are made of special materials which are resistant to high loads. The panel does not scratch, it can stand even heavy stocking.
    3. This novelty can be interesting for restaurants and cafes in order to attract more visitors, for advertising a certain type of product, to advertise a service or event announcement.
    4. The interactive bar can be used on a variety of exhibition and presentation events. Unusual and stylish equipment will attract attention immediately. On the surface, except for abstract images, you can display any information, including slide shows, videos, graphic and text data.


    Features of ibar

    Modern interactive bar, which is a patented development of the company "Gefest", has a wide model range. You can choose the equipment most suitable for specific institutions and events. Today you can order on the attractive price following models:

    1. Multitouch bar, on the surface of which may display advertising information, circles, images, elements, floral ornaments and a fantastic abstraction, logos.
    2. On the surface of the bar can be set any background image. For example, video or solid background, any information, that will help to promotion of the product.
    3. Ordering individual content, it's written in full accordance with the wishes of the customer. If it’s necessary, you can even lease out advertising surface for demonstrations of partners ' products. The additional profit would not go amiss.
    4. For a strip of bars are offering special models with strengthen design and backlight.

    Ibar can be:

    Interactive bar is a great opportunity to improve the attendance of the public place, make him a true icon of style. This is a great solution for the brave entrepreneurs who like to implement new and creative.

    Интерактивный бар - стоимостьInteractive bar - cost (the prices in roubles, incl. VAT)


    Prices in roubles, incl. VAT

    Ibar size: length 200 cm, height 110 cm, depth 100 cm. More »

    650 000
    (the price depends on the manufacturer's price and the specification of bar)


    Интерактивный бар - аренда Interactive bar - rent (the prices in roubles, incl. VAT)
    Service description IBAR ANSILUM IBAR MINDSTORM
    Ibar size: length 200 cm, height 120 cm, depth 83 cm. 65 000 85 000
    Software (integration of logo/image). 30 000 45 000
    Supports, 100 PCs 6 000 6 000
    Applying front image 200*110 cm 10 000 -
    Technician-Manager. 6 000 9 000
    Loaders 1 500 6 000
    ТTransportation 3 000 -
    Transportation vehicle with tail lift. - 8 000