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    Interactive glass


    Интерактивное стекло в Москве

    In the advertising industry interactive glass is used recently. Within a short period of time the novelty has already earned a place in the sun, offering efficient methods of data submission. What is an interactive glass? It's glass or acrylic surface, which turned into a bright screen with a stunning image.

    Technical specifications

    This innovative development, which is a screen in the form of glass panels (or acrylic), will turn any shop window into a bright and clear screen that performs the required functions. The image is transmitted by a special projector, which is controlled remotely or through a special block.

    Аренда интерактивного стекла в Москве

    The visitor can get information simply by touching the screen. On the surface of the glass, you can broadcast a video, a slide show, to display text or graphical information. The picture is clean, bright, with intense colour. The video is perfectly visible at any lighting level.

    Technical charakteristics

    Interactive glass, which price is favourable, represents the equipment with the following technical capabilities:

    Цена интерактивного стекла в Москве

    Today you can buy interactive glass with additional options. They allow expanding possibilities of the equipment, to make any advertising campaign more attractive and bright.

    Advantages of interactive shop-windows:

    Стоимость интерактивного стекла в Москве

    The cost of an interactive glass is optimal. It allows reducing costs on ongoing advertising campaign. The content is written individually, taking into account all product detais. The equipment is installed fast. For its usage experience is not required.

    *The cost of installations based on this technology is individual and is calculated by engineers based on the tasks.