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    Interactive desicions

    Traditional methods of advertising gradually receides into the past, they aren't as effective as it was earlier, differ in considerable costs. Neon signs, posters and regular exhibition stands don't satisfy all requirements of the market, are too costly. Is there a way out? Modern interactive advertising discloses the amplest opportunities, allows achieving excellent result for the shortest time. Bright and unusual information will fix a set of eyes, will keep attention and will create that image of the company, which is necessary for productive promotion of service or a product.

    Today the sphere of the interactive equipment includes a wide model range, which is ready to satisfy any requirements. Not only screens, but also holographic refrigerators, virtual promoters are demanded. We work with various clients; our equipment is used with success by both the large companies and small, which only begin the market promotion.

    Among benefits of modern innovative novelties in the sphere of interactive advertising it should be noted:

    Novelties of interactive advertising

    Extraordinary and new decisions were always in demand. For holding an effective advertising campaign it is possible to use video walls, show-windows, promoters. The modern equipment is demanded not only during the exhibitions, but in regular life too. Do you want to make night club a style standard? Then interactive bar is straight from the hood. Is it necessary to increase the number of visitors in salon or shop? The interactive show-window will help to raise profits in case of the minimum costs on earlier unattainable altitude in the shortest possible time.

    The sphere of use of technology is wide, today even more often it gets into our everyday life. For example, touch booths and panels are perceived as something daily. Very few people think that they were developed for the advertising and media industry, and as a result became irreplaceable in many areas, including the bank sphere. Are you surprised? Do you want to learn more? Then it is worth paying attention to interactive bar counters, floors.

    Interactive bar for entertaining institutions

    The interactive bar appeared in the market not so long ago, but directly became popular. What benefits are received by an institution from use of interactive bar? It’s not only increase in number of visitors, but also a possibility of promotion of a certain product, economy on a salary to employees of an institution. Which of visitors will refuse the drink, served on such unusual table-top, which sensitively reacts to the slightest touch?

    It is possible to demonstrate the menu, videos on a surface of bar. The simplest variant is with fantastic flowers, stars and waves, which run up in the sides if to touch a surface or to put down a glass. The interactive bar can be used in night clubs, cafe, restaurants.

    Interactive wall and floor

    The interactive wall allows making bright and high-quality screen of any vertical surface. For this purpose is necessary not so much: it is a plain surface, a multimedia projector, the Interactive system. It is possible to use such walls in many areas. Exhibitions, educational institutions are perfectly approach for this purpose. These installations are demanded at the seminars, lectures, demonstrations of projects. Efficiency of the equipment is high; it is possible to develop the modern lecture hall for the shortest time, to show any information, managing it by gestures. There is no need even to touch a wall, the special system of sensors tracks and analyzes movements, regulating submission of content.

    Iteractive floor is interesting to the buyers too. A projector demonstrates the image on a floor surface, it changes when the person is passing through the action area of sensors. The similar design is established at the entrances to shops, salons. Even more often similar installations can be seen at entrances to hotels, shopping centers, movie theaters. Interactive floors are pleasant to visitors, they surprise and admire, please and lighten the mood.

    Interactive table

    The equipment appeared In the market not so long ago, but already managed to win a reliable niche. External design represents a modern and stylish table, but its table-top is a bright multi-touch screen on which surface is possible to demonstrate any information. Where is applied this technology? Today the field of use gradually extends, tables can be seen in receptions and the negotiation rooms of big companies, in hotels, car showrooms, design and architect bureaus. Use is the simplest, but the effect is huge. An interactive table is the excellent equipment for increase an image of the company or an entertaining institution.

    The modern interactive technology is a perspective direction. The “Gefest” company suggests to get acquainted with all opportunities of this innovative equipment in the Moscow branch’s showroom.