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    Технология MUSION

    The MUSION technology is a modern development which completely turned the advertising market. With its help it is possible to receive high-quality and incredibly realistic images which conforms to all modern requirements and the principles of video images. MUSION is an excellent method for implementation of the bright and drawing attention advertising campaign.

    The system of 3D mapping allows to create a spectacular show which will draw directly attention of large audience in case of optimum costs. The similar equipment is used not only to the advertising and media industry, but also to education, entertaining institutions. This technology successfully takes root in the following areas:

    On the clearness and reality of the image the MUSION technology has no competitors today. This system allows receiving impressive result for the shortest time. In spite of the fact that MUSION is used already not the first year, efficiency of technology doesn't become less. Developers constantly create new options, expand scope of MUSION.

    Uniqueness of technology is what it allows to create effect of presence of the person at the same time in several places. For example, carrying out the telebridges, holding large-scale conferences, seminars. Quality of the image and sound turns out tremendous, the picture as if comes to life in the face of the audience. Three-dimensional holographic objects completely change reality, providing improbable result.

    Innovative development on the basis of MUSION is considered the telebridge with volume holograms. Today this technology is used even more often, it forces out old methods which aren't interesting to public any more, don't meet the modern requirements for costs for their organization.

    MUSION technology: how it works?

    The MUSION system was developed on the basis of the latest discoveries in the sphere of science and technology. Modern holographic advertising is what couple of decades ago wasn't represented possible for daily use. Today MUSION and holograms are applied not only to exhibition and presentation halls, they turn also into our everyday life, becoming invariable attribute of comfort.

    Principle of system operation is simple. At first, it is required to write content, then with help of projector it will move on the surface of the screen. The system of sensors and controllers allows controlling effects, to make the image contrasting and incredibly realistic. Forms and the sizes of a film MUSION are selected from a personal order, taking into account features of a site and location. For example, systems with lenghth of 4 m and height of 6 m are applied to big presentation actions. At the same time quality remains to the highest, no losses in definition and a color rendition are watched.

    System complete set

    The equipment MUSION differs in at the same time simple and difficult hardware. Complexity consists that skilled experts can write content, only they will be able to create incredibly realistic 3D effects. For submission of the image on the screen the projector with the highest level of permission is used, installation of several projectors is possible directly. Simplicity consists in what it is installed in the shortest possible time, the system is completely ready to use, and special experience for its operation isn't necessary.

    The main components of the equipment MUSION are:

    1. The modern video projector with the resolution of 1400*1050. The level of a natural light flow is higher, the big capacity of a projector is necessary. All these moments are considered in case of the order of the equipment when its picking miscalculates. Brightness constitutes from 700 Lumen. It allows to work with the equipment even in case of the high level of lighting. If installation is applied to big platforms, then it is necessary to use in addition LCD panels with angle of slope in 4-6 mm.
    2. That the holography was equally well used in small and big rooms, the special film is applied. It differs in the highest quality of a color rendition, brightness, clearness, contrast.
    3. Different information carriers can be used to submission of the image. The special video player, the video server, the video card which resolution is equal to 1920*1080 is most often set. In addition, can be used the controller to manage different effects. Depending on controller type system management can be exercised far off or directly from the equipment. There is a possibility of simultaneous control directly of several projectors. It allows creating tremendous effects.

    The system can be mounted on any platform. Holographic installation allows making any advertising campaign or an action bright and effective. Today there is a possibility of lease of this high-quality equipment. The staff of the “Gefest” company will help to choose the model suitable under your conditions. MUSION is modern and high-quality holographic equipment which will allow raising profit, to make a name of the company recognizable, popular.

    * The cost of installations on the basis of this technology is individual and is calculated engineers of the company proceeding from objectives.