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    Holographic fridge

    Голографический холодильник в МосквеHow to diversify boring monotonous counters, to increase inflow of buyers? The modern advertising industry suggests to pay attention to projective and holographic technologies which allow to raise profit and to optimize costs for a short time interval.

    The holographic refrigerator is the universal innovation patented by the “Gefest” company. It is possible to install the equipment in shop or an entertaining institution. What results it allows to achieve? With such equipment it is possible to increase number of visitors, to obtain own style and recognition among competitors. The profit will increase from the first day of use, and the effect will be gained not short-term, but long. Whether each entrepreneur dreams of it?

    Innovative development and its constructive opportunities

    Аренда голографического холодильника в Москве

    Holographic refrigerators appeared not so long ago, but already managed to turn the market completely. How they are suited? This is regular refrigeration equipment, which forward wall is turned into the original and bright screen. The interactive system, which is built in the equipment, allows making the video image on the surface of the screen pleasant and interesting to viewing

    The door remains absolutely transparent; content which on it is projected is perfectly visible, at the same time it is possible to consider well what it is in the refrigerator. When the visitor approaches the equipment, the image on a door changes. Various options of demonstration of information are possible, beginning from display of innovations and before broadcast of promotional offers. The person, who approached the refrigerator, according to the conducted researches, automatically buys that product which is advertized. It happens in an absolute majority of cases, even if he planned to purchase absolutely other goods. The surface of the refrigerator can be equipped with the multi-touch panel for more productive interaction with the buyer. It not only draws attention, but also keeps it, promotes increase in profit level. Advertising turns out interesting, is easily remembered.

    Цена голографического холодильника в Москве

    What is this innovation attractive by? Regular refrigerators don't attract interest of visitors, too many images on a forward wall cause irritation. For this reason developers approved more perfect equipment which met all expectations in a due measure.

    It is possible to establish holographic refrigerators in the trade and exhibition centers, big shops and on the street. They are intended not only for soft drinks and alcoholic products, but also for dairy products and other goods.

    How it works?

    In terms of design, this refrigeration equipment intended for the drinks or products needing a certain temperature condition. What does the holographic refrigerator differ from traditional models in? It has a frontal wall, it carries out a screen role. The transparent matrix on which surface video content is removed is the cornerstone of a video wall. The equipment is reliable, it can be used in case of quite broad temperature range, beginning from +50 C and finishing +350 C. Such screen can be established on any refrigerator intended on drinks and products. Its surface is exposed to special handling to exclude emergence of light patches of light.

    Content turns out bright and accurate, it it is perfectly visible not only in night-time, but also in case of sunlight. The equipment can be used for:

    Possibilities of the holographic refrigerator

    Advertising refrigerators differ in the amplest opportunities. It is possible to establish motion sensors that the image dynamically changed when the visitor approaches it. The Interactive system gives an opportunity to the user to interact with content. For example, in case of a touch to a surface, necessary information appears, in a point of a touch fantastic patterns blossom. Product demonstration can happen also in the cyclic mode, any customer has an opportunity to pick up that type of content which is necessary.

    The equipment is possible to have safely on streets to attract buyers. At the same time the transparent display provides the same bright and accurate picture, as well as indoors.

    Products on the surface of the screen are shown so that it seemed to the buyer of the best, and its price – profitable.

    Refrigerators are expected using them in places with the high level of passability. They maintain big loadings, the round-the-clock smooth operation.

    It is possible to develop individual design of a construction, in addition to strengthen it with the branded case, to establish the tempered glass.

    Purpose of holographic refrigerators:

    Today holographic refrigerators are optimum equipment for increase in profit, involvement of additional visitors, creations of necessary image of producer company.

    The holographic refrigerator (the prices in rubles, incl. the VAT)
      The cost, rub, incl. the VAT Realization term, the working days
    Holographic refrigerator 200 000 21
    Re-equipment of the refrigerator of the customer 140 000 21


    The holographic refrigerator - lease (the prices in rubles a day, incl. the VAT)
    Name 1 day
    2 and more days
    The holographic refrigerator with a transparent matrix of 46 inches. 15 000 10 000
    Writing of software – according to the customer's TOR from 20 000

    * Cost of "The interactive refrigerator": 200 000 rub.

    ** The cost of upgrade of the regular refrigerator to "The interactive refrigerator": 160 000 rub.