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    Golographic desicions

    The “Gefest” company proposes ready holographic decisions, which will be ideal for implementation of the most difficult marketing task. The branch of the company, which is located in Moscow, has the richest rent park and the showroom, where it is possible to get previously acquainted with all provided innovations, their opportunities, numerous additional functions. Managers of the company are always ready to come to the rescue, show all opportunities of the holographic equipment, to help with the choice.

    Model range of ready decisions

    Are you in searches of an ideal and most effective solution for an advertising campaign? Then the holographic technology is that what you need. In showroom it is possible to get acquainted with such model range:

    Each of the presented models is interesting in itself, has own functionality, the sphere of use. Before solving what equipment to choose, consult with the manager, get acquainted with all features of model.

    Holographic cube and pyramids

    The holographic cube is a unique option for advertising and exhibition actions, image advertising . Volume and incredibly realistic image of a new product or logo of the company can work wonders, promote increase in profit. What is the feature of the model? The holographic cube presents itself the screen in the cube form with 2 working surfaces. The image is projected in such a way that the volume subject seems soaring in the air. Glass from both sides is covered with a special antiglare film, it absolutely transparent.

    Holographic pyramids in the design and the principle of work are similar to hoocubes, only with 4 working surfaces. Illusion of the fact that the subject soars in the air, is maximum. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that this is image, but not the real object. The sizes of pyramids can be various. Such exhibition stand will become central even in the crowded hall, will collect around itself large audience. Pyramids are most often used as image advertising tools.

    Holographic refrigerators

    Standard and boring counters don't perform their functions any more, they don't draw attention of clients, aren't that tool, which can increase sales. Holographic refrigerators are the latest development allowing turning any counter into the bright information screen.

    How the equipment is arranged? The door or the glass surface of the refrigerator is turned into the screen on which is shown the saturated image. Except demonstration of usual information, it is possible to install the Interactive system, providing interaction of the user and the image. For installation it is enough to paste a special film on a surface of a glass door, to provide submission of the image on a video wall.

    Holographic virtual showmaster

    Not very long ago the holography of the person seemed a fantasy, such technologies could be seen in movies, but not in reality. However, today the “Gefest” company proposes ready holographic solutions. The example can be considered the virtual showmaster – the volume and realistic image of the person, which appears on the transparent panel. Leaders can be used for exhibitions and the presentation of new goods, during the conference, a corporate meeting. The technology is applied in training process, installation can be seen in the museums and libraries, where the virtual leader carries out a role of the guide.

    Musion technology

    It began to be used in 2002. It is a projection in the form of illumination of facades of buildings, scenes, rooms. Today the similar system allows creating the unusual shows, attracting large audience. The holographic image, which appears in case of inclusion, turns out saturated and incredibly realistic. About such actions speak long, the aim to get that also increases profit of the company.

    It is possible to order holographic ready decisions in our branch, located in Moscow. Skilled managers will help to pick up the most favorable equipment. They will develop necessary content, will perform systems tuning. You will need only to watch its actions and the result.