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    Promo Robots

    Are you looking for a perfect employee, which will increase the efficiency of the company and will reduce the expenses to the optimum level? You can reach long-awaited results by using promo robot’s services.

    Рекламные роботы в Москве

    Why robot has achieved a big success? This unique modern elaboration is in stark contrast to traditional stands, even the projection technology couldn’t be compared with him. Promo robot is a high-tech device that has following functions:

    Promo robot is innovative equipment which allows to guarantee quality feedback from the audience.

    What promo robot can do?

    The possibilities of system is wide:

    Аренда промо роботов в Москве



    Advantages of promo robots

    Цена рекламного робота

    The Promo robot can be used in different situations. It is not only exhibitions and presentations, but also numerous events of entertaining, educational nature. What are the benefits of this technology before hired employees?

    Main advantages:

    1. Promo robot gathers a big audience around itself immediately; no one can pass by such unusual companion without asking him even one question. Unlike conventional promoter, the robot does not need long training and periodic verification of its competence. He is always ready to answer the question; it doesn't need a rest and vacation.
    2. It’s not necessary to pay the robot, it’s enough to charge his batteries and to install the new content. Maintenance is simple and convenient
    3. The robot never be in the bad temper, it doesn’t rude to the audience, doesn’t lie and provide accurate information.
    4. There are control capabilities through the system of remote access.

    But this by no means all, it should be noted some more special aspects of using modern hi tech system:

    Рекламный робот

    1. Service rate scales up massively, the robot provides data accurately and quickly. The visitor only needs to ask a question to get overall answer. All information is trustworthy, you can set your mind at ease that robot doesn’t know something or too tired of communication. The promo robots are an ideal employees, which allow any organization to improve the efficiency and profitability in several times.
    2. The specialist must always look great and presentable during the presentation. Unfortunately, hired promoters can’t always fulfill this stipulation. You can ruin the impression about the company if your employees look unkempt or don’t look the part. The promo robot has a great look and modern design always. The equipment produced so that it could attract attention, to form a positive image about the company. The buyer will not leave empty-handed if the information is given in the proper form. The products will be bought from someone who will tell you about all the benefits of the product in the most interesting way.
    3. The promo robots will highlight the company among competitors. Any presentation will be an outstanding event, and about it will be a long time to say, if the robot will take participation in it. Many large private and public organizations already had evaluated all the features and benefits of promo robots.

    Technical features of the robot

    What are the special aspects of the promo robot? He can recognize about 100 thousand persons and to speak several languages. The number of voice modules close to the dozens of thousands. This allows to make communication personal and interesting. Robots can learn, for that end specific programs use. . They can move, their head and hands are movable. The promo robot can surprise, interest, provide the necessary information.

    The Promo robot – is a technical unique design that can be applied in many spheres of life. He is in great favor in education sector and entertainment sphere. The cost pay its way very quickly. If the robot needs at the time of presentation, it is quite possible to rent it on the most favorable terms.

    Advertising промо robots (the prices in rubles a day, incl. the VAT)
    Name Measurement 1 Robot
    2 Robot (fo each one)
    Basic picking (work 3 hours) rub. 20 000 Ageement
    Basic picking (work 4 hours) rub. 27 000 Ageement
    Basic picking (work 5 hours) rub. 30 000 Ageement
    Basic picking (work 6 hours) rub. 34 000 Ageement
    Basic picking (work 1 day **) rub. 39 000 Ageement
    Basic picking (work 2 day and over **) rub. Ageement Ageement
    Additional options
    Touch pad rub. 2 000
    Loading of a presentation rub. 2 000
    Loading of a slideshow rub. 2 000
    Additional equipment rub. 2 000
    Individual branding rub. 6 000

    * work of the professional operator is included

    ** 1 day constitutes 8 working hours with a technical break of 45 min.

    Discounts are considered individually